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Woman Says Men ‘Love’ Her Beard, Sells Pics Online


Woman Says Men ‘Love’ Her Beard, Sells Pics Online

Don’t let people tell how you should feel about your condition.

Women and hair that isn’t on top of the head have long been at odds. A TikTok user has been bombarded with negative comments for her appearance. But PeekabooPumpkin doesn’t let those stop her from continuing to show off her beards.

PeekabooPumpkin is proud of the fact that she’s a bearded lady and she doesn’t hide it.

With over 92k followers on TikTok, the 37-year-old woman tells her followers that she sells pictures of her and her beard on OnlyFans. Not only that, but the creator-platform subscription service also allows paying members to enjoy video content of her stroking her beard. The niche target market is people with a facial hair fetish.

“Hairy B[B]W [big beautiful woman]. REAL Bearded Freak,” she describes herself on the platform.


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Daddy AF – Slayyyter

Her TikTok platform is now full of her showing her unique constitution as she says men “love” her for being different.

She shares that her condition is caused by PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). It causes an abnormal amount of testosterone to be formed in the body, causing facial hair to grow abnormally.

While she used to have low self-esteem and hated her facial hair, she’s learned to love herself. She turns her platform and her unique self into a selling point and recently promoted a T-shirt that has the slogan “What makes you different makes you beautiful.”

Obviously, there are many people who felt repulsive to her videos and told her to cut her beard. But they don’t faze her.

She hit them back with a reply video and on the other hand, has her own fanbase.


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The Assignment – Tay Money

She shared how the current workplace she’s at is very “professional” and nobody talks about her facial hair. She shared, “People are always respectful, even when I went for my interviews several years ago, nobody ever mentioned my facial hair, and respect has never been an issue.”

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