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Mom Earns £1000 Per Month Selling Her Pics With Body Hair


Mom Earns £1000 Per Month Selling Her Pics With Body Hair

“My confidence has grown and I have fallen in love with myself.”

In 2018, Candace Cynthia ditched the razor after being diagnosed with a condition that caused her to feel extremely sleepy and tired. But despite the shortcoming, she was keen to preserve her energy and then realized she also hadn’t found joy in shaving her armpit and leg hair; therefore, she stopped.

This decision makes Candace, 32, earn over a grand monthly, selling saucy photos that reveal her armpit, pubic, and leg hair on OnlyFans.

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The Canada-based couldn’t be happier as she earns over $20K yearly and £1000 a month. The Mirror reported when Candace was diagnosed with narcolepsy; she had to discover what works for her and decide where to put her energy. She explained: “I am often tired and fatigued so shaving my whole body wastes too much energy.”

“Shaving has never been something that brings me joy, it wasn’t helping me as I would feel exhausted after. I realized I was doing it for the comfort of other people. At first, I was nervous about going out in public with hairy legs and armpit but now I love to flaunt them.”

Candace added that the hair turns off some men as they aren’t open to it, but she has found some that are attracted, appreciative, and accepting. “Selling photos of my hairy legs, armpits and bikinis line is now my main source of income. I won’t rule out the idea of shaving again but it works for me now. I have an OnlyFans page and my audience is largely centered around showing off my body hair; it’s beneficial for me to keep it.”

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The body positivity influencer’s additional income and energy aren’t the only advantage but self-love.

However, she has urged others to be respectful of people who make different choices, and fortunately, she hasn’t had any negative backlash. While some people do double-take when they see her, it’s OKAY that they’re curious. As time passes, Candace’s confidence has grown, and have fallen in love with herself. She’s now 100% comfortable in her skin. 

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