Woman Orders 10 Wedding Dresses Online To Shows The Reality And Expectations

Woman Orders 10 Wedding Dresses Online To Shows The Reality And Expectations

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Every woman dream of an incredible wedding and a gorgeous wedding dress that should be remembered by guests for years. But undeniably, preparing for the special day can be downright tasking. From picking up the right venue, sending out invitations, finding a professional event planner to importantly purchasing the perfect wedding dress, there’s always unlimited and perhaps too many things to achieve.

All of the aforesaid can be painfully overlooked if there’s a flop along the way, but certainly donning a white wedding gown remains inevitable. Here, a YouTuber, identified as Shannon from New Zealand reached a decision to share a wedding dress disaster with the internet. Shannon ordered ten wedding dresses from Wish, and they’re interestingly cost-effective, but on the other hand, they weren’t as good in reality as they did online.  

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YouTuber Shannon Tried On 10 Ordered Wedding Dresses To See If They Were Good As They Appeared Online. Her First Attempt Was A Super Shimmery And Glittery Wedding Dress Bought For $30

The Dress, According To Shannon Made Her Look Like A Barbie Doll On The Top Of A Christmas Cake

For every bride, selecting the perfect white wedding dress is one of the most interesting parts of preparing for a wedding. In reality, it can be truly expensive to purchase and depending on your budget, the search can become tasking.

This $34 Dress Look Similar To The Picture Online But The Quality Isn’t Good

The Backless Floral Lace Dress Bought For $16

This $13 Dress Appeared Exactly Like The One Shannon Got, But In Reality, It’s Different

$23 Deep Neck Dress Appear Similar But Doesn’t Sit Nicely On The Skin

The $16 Chiffon Dress Was Cute In Photos, Similar In Reality But Not Precisely

$25 Embroidered Dress Has A Gorgeous Silhouette And Fits Shannon Perfectly

$40 Dress Made Shannon Feel Like A Cinderella But The Bottom Looks Like A Marshmallow

Shannon Felt A Little Frumpy With This $19 Dress Of 5/5 Rating

The Beige Color Of This $17 Outfit Is Loved But Was Made Terribly

Here’s The Part I & II Of Shannon Trying Out The Wedding Dresses