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Woman Left Hilariously Unimpressed After Matching With Her Brother On A Dating App


Woman Left Hilariously Unimpressed After Matching With Her Brother On A Dating App

It’s a bromantic thing!

Tinder, Bumble, The League – and the list goes on and on. There isn’t a shortage of dating apps, and while there’s no shame in online dating, it might, however, get back at you hilariously. Sent into a bromantic situation was the case of Brooke Averick, a Pennsylvania TikTok star. 

Brooke Averick, a Pennsylvania TikTok star, hilariously got matched with her younger brother on Hinge.


24-Year-Old Averick, a preschool teacher, had sought love and companionship on Hinge, but it hilariously backfired when she got matched with her younger brother. With over 600K followers on TikTok, Averick received a notification of the most compatible match in her area – Haverford, Pennsylvania.


It turned to be her very own brother, Noah, who happens to be sitting in the same room as hers. In a clip uploaded, Ms. Averick introduced the new match who pretended to kiss her on the cheek. Shortly after, Ms. Averick could be seen warning her brother to stop it, saying it wasn’t funny. 


Thankful for this new batch of emotional distress 🦃 #GivingThanks #fyp @bertefron

♬ original sound – Brooke Averick

She hilariously opined she was going to sue Hinge for ruining her Thanksgiving. ‘Something I am most thankful is my most compatible with on Hinge has been updated. Let me show you, here he is. Super cute if you ask me.’


‘Brooke and Noah, we think you should meet. And we agreed, and we are already spending Thanksgiving together, and it’s going well, let me show you. Here he is, and the fact of the matter is, this is my biological brother. And it’s for that reason we will be suing Hinge.’ Ms. Averick said. 


‘Hinge knew it’s a pandemic; you gotta stick to the household to be safe. A user identified as Normal Human said. Rachel Ellison claimed: ‘I am convinced I am single because I am an only child.’ Diego Corotti questioned: ‘Does Alabama State sponsor hinge? A few others revealed they’d been matched with their exes or family members while on numerous dating apps; hence the interfamilial matchmaking incident is quite common.

Nevertheless, Ms. Averick, known as LadyEfron, was successful with her videos when she revealed the most embarrassing anecdotes about herself. Ms. Averick had in a viral clip claimed to break wind while giving a presentation in class, while in another, she had threw up while driving in a car with someone she fancied.

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