Woman Got Kicked Out From Restaurant By The Beach For 'Inappropriate' Outfit

Woman Got Kicked Out From Restaurant By The Beach For ‘Inappropriate’ Outfit

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Martina Corradi had to feel embarrassed when she was asked to leave a restaurant because of how she dressed. On Christmas Eve, Martina was on a lunch date with her boyfriend, and they chose a seat on the terrace of North Bondi Fish under the summer heat of Australia weather.

They signed in, which means the employees already saw them. Martina wrote that she felt ‘very embarrassed and offended’ as the waitress said she was ‘not well-dressed.’

She shared her experience and the two were baffled.

They were are the beach with long pants and hills. She also added that they were just from a fine dining at Iceberg for lunch. It is also currently summer and the restaurant near the beach. “I just want an opinion. I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy…”

“How can you even think to kick someone out for a stupid thing like that,” she added.

“Sorry if it’s inappropriate.”

The restaurant’s general manager Gemma Swanson apologized to Martina for North Bondi Fish’s treatment of her. Also, they offered them a free meal on their next visit.

“We have reviewed the incident and acknowledge that it was an error of judgment to ask Martina and her partner to leave the restaurant. We have since contacted Martina, apologized for the error in judgment, and invited her and her partner back to enjoy lunch or dinner on us.

“We uphold a casual dress code, and Martina should not have been asked to leave. As a result, we will be retraining all of our staff and management on our protocols, including the dress code.

“We pride ourselves in welcoming everyone to enjoy the North Bondi Fish experience.”