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Woman Finds Out Her BF Of Six Years Is Actually Her Biological Brother


Woman Finds Out Her BF Of Six Years Is Actually Her Biological Brother

“I’m hoping this test is wrong & will do a real test soon but I’m panicking.”

Things have gone pretty awkward for an anonymous Redditor after finding out she has been dating her biological brother. The pair has been courting for six years, and they’ve both been adopted. The woman was adopted as a baby but didn’t know until she was in high school. 

Her boyfriend was also adopted, and it’s mainly one of the things that brought them together to be a couple. 

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“I am 30, and my brother is 32. I’m just going to call him my boyfriend for the majority of the time while I type this. I feel weird about this. We both didn’t learn we were adopted until high school and we both were lucky and had good families. We weren’t passed around from foster home to foster home,” the OP said. 

She added their relationship was and still is great. Accordingly, they understood and got attracted to each other quickly. 

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“I’ve never met someone and felt immediate attraction and familiarity. Now I know the comfort and familiarity are because he’s my brother. Not my half-brother.” The OP explained they’d done everything a long-term couple has done – had s*x, celebrated anniversaries, said I LOVE YOU, met with families, and both decided they don’t want to have kids.

According to the OP, the discovery emerged after they both took a DNA test to find their ancestry. 

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She continued: “I was excited to see what we were, but before I could even get to that. I saw that we were siblings. I was SHOCKED, to say the least. I just only found out this information, and I haven’t told my boyfriend.” The woman stated that while she was taken aback by the results, it made sense as many had told them they looked alike.

“We have a house together and a whole comfortable life. I’m hoping that this test is wrong and will do a real test soon but I’m panicking.”

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The woman insists she still sees BF as the love of her life, and despite all of this, she maintains that she still loves him. It’s a shocking tale, and many in the comment didn’t hold back in expressing it. One person wrote: “This isn’t their fault, but they can’t stay together.” Another said: “Seven billion people in the world, what are the odds.” While a third wrote: “You couldn’t waterboard this information out of me.” 

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