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‘I’m 51 And Get Trolled For Wearing Tight Clothes, But I Love Flashing My Stomach’

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‘I’m 51 And Get Trolled For Wearing Tight Clothes, But I Love Flashing My Stomach’

If you’ve got it, flaunt it as Diana also does.

Mom-of-three Diana Mirgon is the definition of if you’ve got it, flaunt it. The middle-aged, who has no issue flaunting her muscular physique, admitted she enjoys wearing revealing or tight clothes but has regularly been slammed for her fashion choices.

Wearing a skimpy bikini at age 49, Diana said she received a comment saying: “You’re 49, your bathing suits show to much!” 

Diana Mirgon 1

Another comment criticized her halter tank top and shorts, saying: “You’re too old to wear shorts that shorts.” But despite the continuous trolling by online bullies, the now 51-Year-Old, in her new TikTok, captioned: “Do you love what you have!!” says she doesn’t let the haters stop her from wearing outfits that she loves. 

Diana Mirgon 4

Diana constantly posts about exercise routines.

Diana Mirgon 3

Comments of trolls also see some telling the mom to cover up or wear more modest clothing, but the influencer has insisted she ‘owns’ her fashion choices.

Diana Mirgon 2

Fans in comments couldn’t have agreed more with the mentioned above, with most complimenting her physique. A user wrote: “You go, girl!!!! You aren’t too old for anything!” Another said: “49 and abs like that?!! You wear and rock WHATEVER you want. You’ve obviously put in the work and earned it.” 

@dmirgonfit21 Do you, love what you have!! #selflove #momsoftiktok #getfit #ShowAndTell #womenempowerwomen #over40 #foryoupage #viral ♬ original sound – Maria Clarin

However, Diana is an avid proponent of body positivity, eating for better health, and sharing raw social media photos. 

She understands what it’s like to fight a toxic relationship with food, and Diana’s story is an example of something most humans forget: Weight loss and health don’t always go hand-in-hand.” The fitness influencer, who battled with weight, doesn’t believe food should be labeled as just good or bad when it comes to weight loss; instead, it should be about energy in and out.

Diana Mirgon 5

It took time, patience, and self-love for Diana to heal herself, and she recommends one goal at a time. 

On the other hand, another TikTok user, with the username @BeautyGaalore, recently celebrated her 48th birthday. Her videos show a long history of dressing in fun, funky clothing. In early 2022, she posted a photo triptych that showed three different snapshots of herself in an asymmetrical leather catsuit. Trolls came for TikTok, but she believes her cutout dress is totally fine. 

BeautyGaalore 6

The grandma captioned her clip: “When they say dress my age, and I’m! 47 and loving it!” 

@beautygaalore #fypシ #foryoupage #47 #shyne #tiktok #fyp #ifyougotityougotit #agechallenge ♬ Bonnie & Shyne (feat. Barrington Levy) – Shyne

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