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Art Teacher Slammed For Her Curves As Parents Accuse Her Of Being A ‘Distraction’

“Trying to body shame me because I am curvaceous is STILL discrimination.”


Art Teacher Slammed For Her Curves As Parents Accuse Her Of Being A ‘Distraction’

“Trying to body shame me because I am curvaceous is STILL discrimination.”

A New Jersey art teacher known as ‘toyboxdollz’ on Instagram was recently slammed for wearing tight clothing in the classroom. Some outraged parents couldn’t hold back but described the elementary school educator as desperate and attention-seeking. A few even called for her dismissal over claims she’s a distraction.

According to a group of parents, the teacher’s curves are enough to distract the children and prevent them from paying attention in class.

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Others argued that the art teacher should wear clothes that hide her curves rather than having her fired. On Instagram, she’s famous for sharing photos of herself in class or engaging in other fun activities outside school. And under the New Jersey and Federal Labor Law, it’s illegal for a school to fire a teacher based on their appearance.

“You’re in a classroom taking Instagram pictures with you’re a** out,” a parent ranted in the comment of this photo.

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They added: “Showing pictures in the class with your b*tt in the air is very inappropriate!” Another raged: “That just looks crazy and makes you desperate for likes.” A third said: “You’re sad, taking booty pics during class?” In response to the backlash, @toyboxdollz, via an Instagram live, shared that while some parents call for her to be sacked, some mothers at the school she teaches support and defend her honor. 

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According to her, it’s mind-boggling that her physical appearance is quite a bone of contention.

In a 14-minute video, the educator defended herself, stating: “I have seen some men said some crazy, mean stuff, but I teach babies and there are no haters in the classroom thinking of that. I’m a really, really good teacher. I had students emailing me during the summer asking me for homework. They love art. I love teaching art. I love working with children to create art.”

Under the comment of her clip, some views showered praise on the educator and applauded her passion for her job. 

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In a follow-up video, the brunette further expressed: “Trying to body shame me because I am curvaceous is STILL discrimination!!! Teachers are quitting left and right every day, all day! The shortage of educators going on right now is insane! Teachers no longer want to teach; they rather work online, from home, even take a retail job over teaching because it’s less agitating work and pays more than we get paid as teachers.”

She continued: “You want someone teaching your children that will love and protect them as if they were their own child.”

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“Blessed are the few that have educators involved in their children’s life that want to instill knowledge, positivity, love, and wisdom. I am an artist & an influencer as well as a teacher. And my influence goes beyond that of my looks. Ask my students who Frida Kahlo is, ask them why Nigel & Basquiat were so crucial to our culture!? If you only knew the positive influence a loving kind heart can bring to the molding of a child’s creative mind. Oh well… carry on.”

Fortunately enough, the brunette also had the support of famous rapper Fat Joe, whose real name is Joseph Antonio Cartagena. 

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He said via a YouTube video to the trolls [below]: “They’re trying to fire her because she too sexy, she too beautiful. She’s too curvaceous. I say let the woman be great. Can you fire somebody for their looks? Can you fire a teacher that’s ugly? How can you fire a teacher because she is bad?” However, some people have also reminded the art educator that haters will always hate; hence she should be herself. 

Watch What Fat Joe Said About The New Jersey Teacher:

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