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Wife Turns WiFi Off Realizing Husband Goes To The Toilet Whenever It’s His Time To Take Care Of Kids


Wife Turns WiFi Off Realizing Husband Goes To The Toilet Whenever It’s His Time To Take Care Of Kids

Have you ever touched your face after using your phone for long?

Procrastination is a thing slightly dominant with humans. We’ve all been in situations where we’re expected to be doing something important but kept putting it off.

Here’s a clear example: A Reddit User FinalWintersEve recently turned to a subreddit page titled ‘Am I the Asshole Community to explain how her husband procrastinates important things.

Each time he’s asked to take care of the children, he goes to the bathroom and spends an estimated 25minutes watching YouTube Videos and many other things online. And when he’s not hiding in the toilet, he’s busy playing games on his computer.

Tired of husband’s attitude, most especially as he continues to trick her into doing all of the childcare, the unidentified woman took matters into her hands. So each time he goes into the bathroom for more than 10minutes, the woman switches off the WiFi.

An Unidentified Woman Told The Internet What Her Husband Does To Avoid Assisting Her Out With Child Care


Most Reddit users, however, felt the FinalWintersEve was right to confront husband because he was clearly avoiding being a husband and a dad. On the other hand, going to the bathroom with one’s phone is not also a good one as it can cause serious damage to your health. Aside from turning off the WiFi, the woman was indirectly also improving her husband’s health without knowing.

A wireless carrier Verizon’s 2015 survey revealed that 9 out of 10 individuals usually bring their phones with them to the bathroom. Accordingly, the Healthline also explained that when we (humans) do that, people end up sitting on the toilet longer than expected, thus increasing one’s chance of getting hemorrhoids.

Here However How People Reacted To The Story:

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