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Wife Found Love Letter To Husband From A School Mom But People Says He’s To Be Blamed


Wife Found Love Letter To Husband From A School Mom But People Says He’s To Be Blamed

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A wife who has long before a recent incident been suspicious of her husband’s relationship with another woman has left been left feeling devastated after finding a love letter.

Sharing her feeling online in a bid to seek advice, the wife explained that her husband became quite friendly with a single mum who lives on the same road after often walking the road route on the school run.

Let’s call the wife, Anna and her husband, Josh and the single mother, Elizabeth to make the story easy to follow.

After embarking on a few schools runs together, Elizabeth told Josh that she’s relocating and requested for his details so that they can keep in touch, which Anna says she commented was strange and agreed to add Elizabeth on Social Media.

Anna believe her husband has led the other woman on

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With Elizabeth deleting Anna from her Facebook, she continued to like Anna’s husband, Josh posts.

Unknown to Anna, Josh and Elizabeth started chatting and meeting up with their kids for activities like lunch and shopping. When caught with details getting back to Anna, she spoke to Josh about creating boundaries and equally warned Josh that other woman has her eyes on him – still Josh insisted on keeping Elizabeth as a friend.

In her shared post on Mumsnet, Anna wrote: ‘I have discovered a letter from her to my husband confessing an undying love and that she wants to marry him and have kids for him. Her letter, however,  makes it very clear that nothing physical has transpired and that he has said he wouldn’t leave me, but he’s clearly also making her think she stands a chance.’

Responding, some users were pretty undivided that she was focusing her anger at the wrong person.

Some users suggest she tells her husband to leave

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A user wrote: ‘No. This is all on your hubby. You were absolutely right, he’s making her believe she stand a chance. He could have avoided this ages ago, but he didn’t. He’s obviously loving it. Why has he even kept the letter?’

Another user wrote: ‘Nobody declared their love like this unless they’ve been led on. I think your hubby is being a d*** here. He hasn’t even discouraged her at all.’

Well, Josh certainly has a lot of explanations to do!

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