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White Teen Girls Spark Outrage After Using Dark Makeup To ‘Black Face’ In Sephora

White Teen Girls Spark Outrage After Using Dark Makeup To ‘Black Face’ In Sephora

The three teen girls were said to be ‘making animal noises’ as they applied the makeup at Sephora.

Outraged viewers of the viral incident have described the white teen girls as shameful and disgusting, especially as it occurs during Black History Month, observed from February 1st to March 1st. The group of three white girls visited Boston Sephora along with a mother and allegedly used dark makeup for blackface. 

According to a video filmed at the Prudential Center store, the teen girls were covered up in darker makeup shades, with the mother of one of the girls standing by amid the behavior. 

White teen girls Sephora
temiojoraa | TikTok

The clip then showed how a person confronted the group and slammed the teen girls’ chaperone over their offensive behavior. “I walked over here, and you’re about to take a picture of that. You want to document this? Go ahead. This is the stuff that ruins jobs and college acceptances, let alone how incredibly offensive this is,” the person said. 

While it couldn’t be heard in the clip, the original poster claimed the black-faced teen girls also walked the store, making monkey noises. 

White teen girls Sephora
temiojoraa | TikTok

Many people online have aired their outrage, urging that the teen girls be banned from the store. ‘They woke up and thought, “Hmm, I’ll get up and dress in blackface in public,” one social media user wrote. Another added, ‘Don’t run; be BOLD in your vile, racist acts!’ A third also said, ‘Let them act like the wild animals they are; they want to be monkeys so bad, so let them. While a fourth added: ‘This is just nasty, smh.’ 

The comments continued with one stating, ‘They should be banned from Sephora, tbh.’ Another added, ‘Ban from Sephora for life, girl… The mother should definitely check how she’s raising her kids because she’s failing so badly.’ The makeup store has also reacted, saying it’s extremely disappointed by the girls’ action and reiterating that “under no circumstances is this type of behavior tolerated at Sephora.”


Since my first video was deleted. Genuinely so disgusted and disturbed. My teammates and I arrived in Boston for a track meet this weekend and walked around Sephora before dinner to kill time. These group of teenage girls and their mothers come in and go to the make up section to use the samples for black face whilst giggling and making animal sounds. The sephora worker (lady in black) confronted them and the mother dismisses her and walks off. After i stopped filming, both mothers came to press me to delete the video of their blatant r4cism because ‘they didnt consent’…

♬ original sound – TOJ🧚🏽‍♀️

In a statement to the Atlanta Black Star, the store added via its spokesperson, ‘Sephora’s top priority is to create a welcoming and inclusive shopping experience for all. We are extremely disappointed by the behavior of these shoppers at our Prudential Center location, and as such, they were asked to leave our premises.’ However, the teen girls in the incident haven’t spoken about the incident, and it’s still unclear what products they were using and why. 

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