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‘Wash Your Hands Doo Doo Doo…’: New Baby Shark Song Encourages Hand-Washing For Kids

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‘Wash Your Hands Doo Doo Doo…’: New Baby Shark Song Encourages Hand-Washing For Kids

At least the kids will learn something.

Families with kids understand the struggle – how will you keep your children occupied without going mad throughout the day during this lockdown? One of that is probably by letting them spend some time with their gadgets. But even so, you have to supervise the content they watch.

Lucky you, Baby Shark has released a new song that the kids will definitely like.

Some people have a love-hate relationship with this song. Their kids can’t stop singing the song and it’s cute for them, so that’s great. But it’s the thousandth time of the day to hear them repeating the song again.

The new song encourages kids to wash their hands with the same tune. The video has also included a real video of ‘how to wash your hands’ tutorial.

How do you dry your hands underwater, we’ll never know.

They have also included all the tips that help reduce the spread of the disease.

Here’s your kid’s new jam that hopefully keeps them occupied while you’re working.

The video has been watching 4 million times and we know among them are kids who loop them a hundred times a day since March 21. But aside from this, WHO’s guideline has included a 7-step guide to hand wash that should be 40-60 seconds long.

The minimum guideline is to use adequate hand soap to rub your hands for 20 seconds which is equal to ‘Happy Birthday’ tune twice as long. Or you can sing this new song instead which is roughly at the same length you need to from rubbing with soap to drying your hands.

We will be linking you to CDC’s guideline for hand-washing right here.

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