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23 Surprising Things Kids Do That Left Even The Most Patient Parents Unprepared


23 Surprising Things Kids Do That Left Even The Most Patient Parents Unprepared

These kids are unbelievable!

Parenting is a rewarding job, yes. It’s just no one will list a full description of what it entails and no matter how much you try to prepare yourself, you will never be prepared enough. Not when your 5-year-old is thinking of running away just because a new baby is arriving.

But Green Lemon finds these moments totally wholesome and beautiful as well. And we hope you don’t have to worry because no kid is harmed in the process!

1. She tried to run away from home after packing her things because she’s getting a new baby sister.

kids surprise parents 1
© chinchuberry / Reddit

2. And this boy is trying to run away from home.

kids surprise parents 2
© look_ma_nohands / Reddit

3. Been trying to find keys and turned the whole house upside down. Ju Ju helped… despite knowing she left them in her mini-car.

kids surprise parents 3
© prettygirlteam / Reddit

4. She’s mad because she’s born after me even though she’s 4 and I’m 17.

kids surprise parents 4
© Exiledaxe / Reddit

5. They’ve been at this for 5 minutes just to see who’s more dominant.

kids surprise parents 5
© ThanosIsMyDaddy / Reddit

6. She doesn’t listen when told she’s too big for the baby walker.

kids surprise parents 6
© harlshi / Reddit

7. Bed? What is that?

kids surprise parents 7
© HUBBYCee / Reddit

8. Niece, 5, wants a bunny and made a trap in the driveway.

kids surprise parents 8
© snikrepab_ / Reddit

9. This boy who got his priorities right.

kids surprise parents 9
© bradley163 / Reddit

10. Girl’s IQ 200.

kids surprise parents 10
© KermitImpersonater / Reddit

11. Caught her having frozen pizza rolls.

kids surprise parents 11
© CatchYourMom69 / Reddit

12. Daughter could not pull it out of the wall after washing her hand, so she used this metal tool. No one is hurt, fortunately.

kids surprise parents 12
© downwithllc / Reddit

13. My 3-year-old boy thinks this means people aren’t allow to throw balls at ducks.

kids surprise parents 13
© Art6117710 / Pikabu

14. Rice, Rice, Baby.

kids surprise parents 14
© ostervan / Reddit

15. A perfect napping spot.

kids surprise parents 15
© PipakaAnimations / Reddit

16. Lil’ sister has been wondering her screen won’t turn on.

kids surprise parents 16
© Annoying_chicken_69 / Reddit

17. Here’s daughter attempt to hid when she’s supposed to be in bed.

kids surprise parents 17
© Damian411 / Reddit

18. He made the Mr. Potato Head himself, got scared and started to cry after that.

kids surprise parents 18
© Parther05 / Reddit

19. He insists on using Band-aid after losing his tooth.

kids surprise parents 19
© redruM69 / Reddit

20. At least they’re not making a mess on the wall or the floor.

kids surprise parents 20
© bel4el / Pikabu

21. She doesn’t want to swallow nor spit out the toothpast in her mouth.

kids surprise parents 21
© miniiskindaawesome / Reddit

22. She’s playing hide-and-seek.

kids surprise parents 22
© AF_Anomaly / Reddit

23. Mom told him to add the eggs.

kids surprise parents 23
© Masterkrall / Reddit

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