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Mom-Of-Three Lists 27 Things She Wished She Knew Before Having Kids, And Now Parents Are Praising Her


Mom-Of-Three Lists 27 Things She Wished She Knew Before Having Kids, And Now Parents Are Praising Her

Parenting is truly a learning curve!

If there’s one thing you should know too well, motherhood/parenting is a different learning curve. It’s a world of reading all the books, participating in classes and then your child comes into the world.

So, in giving new parents a better understanding of what to expect, a mom-of-three identified Casey Huff recently shared all the things she wished she had known before having kids.

Ranging from googling your kid’s symptoms to feeling very guilty from an unavoidable mistake, parents on the internet are applauding Casey’s approach in preaching about the reality of raising children.

‘Motherhood has given me a goal and I didn’t know I had. There’s something humbling about people who depend on you for everything, and it truly put into perspective things that really matter in life.’ Casey explained.

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From Casey’s upload, there are instances when things simply don’t go as planned.  ‘If you are at a low point and can’t physically take a break for bringing up children, seek for other ways and step back. Try to cancel a few activities as planned, and have your kids take more independent time for themselves, in order for you to find a few minutes of peace.

‘Wake up 30mins earlier to get a slow start of the day and if you can think of to find a few extra minutes of calm and quiet, it would be good for your soul, heart, and mind. It’s would be also good for your kids.’ Casey told Bored Panda.

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27 THINGS I WISH I COULD GO BACK AND TELL MYSELF AS A FIRST TIME MOM (Pt. 2). 16. No one who has ever had kids expects your house to be spotless—you’re the only one putting that pressure on yourself. Keep your house as clean or as messy as YOU are comfortable with. 17. Anyone who gets tired of seeing photos of your kids on social media or elsewhere can choose to keep scrolling. Don’t feel awkward about being proud of your kids. Show those babies off! 18. Your kids are just as lucky to have you as you are to have them. 19. If you ever get a photo of your whole family looking at the camera at the same time, frame that sucker. You might not get another until your kids are all teenagers. 20. Even when you swear up and down that you are SO READY for a break from your kids, you’ll find yourself missing them when you’re apart. 21. The best days are the days when everyone in the family stays in their pajamas. Cherish them. 22. Loving your kids in all of their forms is 95% of a job well done. 23. Marriage is a tough job, and throwing a baby into the equation will rock the boat more than you ever imagined. Keep working at it; your spouse is worth it. 24. Find your favorite kind of sweatpants or yoga pants and buy two pairs for the days you're behind on laundry (AKA, every day). 25. Don’t be fooled—no one has it all together all of the time. 26. You are a good mom. SUCH a good mom. Extraordinary, really. There will be many days when you forget that, but that doesn’t make it any less true. 27. You don’t have to be perfect for your kids to really, really, REALLY love you. (If you missed #1-15, look back at yesterday's post) 📸 @highwaytenphotography

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She continued: ‘We are all in this together. We all parent quite different, but we all need to step out and assist each other. Parenting is hard, but knowing someone has our back always makes the difference.’

Parent Found Casey Honest Words Very Relatable

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