Waitress Lost Her Job After Being Sent Home For Wearing 'Inappropriate' Crop Top

Waitress Lost Her Job After Being Sent Home For Wearing ‘Inappropriate’ Crop Top

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A waitress cries hysterically on TikTok after she was sent home over her top. The woman explains that she was told her top was “ugly and inappropriate.” TikTok user Vane vented out her frustration on TikTok and did not mention any name.

“Hi guys, I just got off work, and I got sent home for my top because they didn’t like my top.”


“What the f*** is this, a f***ing fashion show? I don’t get it. I work at this bar, restaurant thing.”

She describes that a lot of people would walk in there in “corsets and laundrymats.” Vane continued, “It just doesn’t make sense. I’m so mad because I drove 45 minutes here.”

“I don’t even make enough for gas! I’m so mad.”


The TikTok video went viral with more than half a million views. But it didn’t stop there because, at this point, Vane was only told to go home. Two days later, her manager fired her because of her viral video. She didn’t mention any name, but she still explained that they were still going to fire her regardless.

She later included a picture of the outfit in which she was told to go home.


She updated later in a video, “Yay, I’m so happy, I’m literally – this is the best day ever. They said because of my TikTok, and someone commented the name of the restaurant near the TikTok. And I’m fired, and now I don’t have a job.”

She described herself as an “emotional” person and admitted that she might have overreacted. But she added, “I’m 100 percent sure the owners and the managers are going to see this TikTok, and I don’t care; I’m literally just expressing my feelings.”

Multiple people who got wind of the restaurant’s name are leaving reviews, but she’s told them to stop it.


also I’m crying Bc I was already having a bad day and this sent me over the edge

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