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17 Things People Shared From Their Workplaces That Actually Happened


17 Things People Shared From Their Workplaces That Actually Happened

Through the good and bad times…

The good things, the bad things, we don’t get what we want to happen to us at a workplace. Even more so when it comes to business or work. As we connect to strangers and individuals, we learn to see the ugly of people regarding financial profits. Yet, there are still beautiful human beings whose simple gestures restore our hope in humanity.

Every workplace is different, but remember that no job is worth you stressing yourself over because your health prioritizes. And if you want even more honest and weirder workplace stories, check this out.

“These knives at my work have been used so much they’re almost gone.”

honest workplace stories 16

“We use hulk hands to move cacti at my work.”

honest workplace stories 15

“What a great way to start the morning.”

honest workplace stories 8

“When you work for a billion dollar company and the tools you get to do your job look like this.”

honest workplace stories 3

“Mark, a friend who works a rural route near Inola, OK, said the chestnut ate dog biscuits, the white turned her nose up at them.”

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“Our CEO just bought huge 4K TV to replace the perfectly fine 1080p TVs that no one ever watches in our break room while nearly our entire staff is so poor we’re all on food stamps, living in friends’ garages, etc.”

honest workplace stories 4

“This set of defective screws from my old job at a furniture manufacturer. This came out of about a hundred or so thousand screws.”

honest workplace stories 11

“Closed at 10, and then this happens…”

honest workplace stories 7

“And for your viewing pleasure, here is a hedgehog x ray. Notice the quills and ears.”

honest workplace stories 14

“At work, we’re told to handle our crisps like eggs.”

honest workplace stories 9

“What 10 months as an SETL will do for ya.”

honest workplace stories 5

“I know there are a lot of lessons to learn as a small business owner, but this one is cruel.”

honest workplace stories 2

“The view as I walk into my night cleaning job.”

honest workplace stories 10

“Am a mail carrier. These are the pennies I’ve picked up on my route in the past six months.”

honest workplace stories 1 scaled

“The veinfinder at my job.”

honest workplace stories 12

“Quit restaurants two days ago after being a line cook/Kitchen Manager my whole adult life and got my nails done for the first time ever!”

honest workplace stories 13

“So this happened at work yesterday… Vizslas, amirite?”

honest workplace stories 6

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