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Vera Wang Shares Her Secret To Youthfulness At 73


Vera Wang Shares Her Secret To Youthfulness At 73

A living legend.

Vera Wang is a force to be reckoned with, a beauty to be admired, and a talent to praise. The designer turned 73 years old this year, but most people can’t remember she was that old because she’s stayed looking the same for decades!

And the designer’s first secret is baby oil in the bathtub!

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verawang, verawang

That’s right, she often baths with baby oil to moisturize, mainly because she has many allergies and must always pay extra care to the products she uses. She tends to choose baths rather than shower as she ages, as they’re more calming and allows her to spend extra time taking care of herself.

Baby oil has been proven to do the job pretty well in keeping her skin nourished. And on top of that, she uses SPF 30 sunblock when she goes outside.

Vera Wang keeps herself busy and productive to counter the effect of aging.

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Vera doesn’t use the word aging and prefers to call it growing. She admits to never really thinking about staying youthful as she works with “the most beautiful women in the world on a daily basis.” And eventually, decided that being productive would be the best way for her to deal with aging. Never stop growing and learning!

Vera wears bluelight-filtered sunglasses to protect her eyes.

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With the advancement of technology, Vera spends more time looking at screens than ever. So she’s always wearing a pair of sunglasses to protect her eyesight while working on her phone, the computer, or TV screens. She believes that these sunglasses were the reason she’s had great eyesight despite her age and told NYMag, “We need to be mindful because the damage will catch up to us eventually.”

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And did you know? Vera was an accessories editor at Vogue and has had a collection of over 1000 pairs of sunglasses since 1973.

Vera cycles and plays golf to stay active physically.

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Vera workout regularly and often opts for cycling or golfing as her choice of physical activity. She doesn’t lift heavy weights and prefers to train lightly just to stay active. Even though she claimed to be “terrible” at golf, she loves it and is always “enthusiastic” about it.

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Surprise! Vera still eats junk food from time to time!

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Vera’s kitchen is very well-managed with different fridges for different content. With that said, she still has a soda fridge and ice cream freezer on top of her “orange food” pantry, which is basically filled with all our favorite junk food like Cheetos and more. Vera loves chips so much that this would easily turn into a chips talk instead of her secret to staying young.

Vera said so herself, “I eat a lot of McDonald’s. I’ll add the Oreo McFlurry too.”

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“The last time we were shooting for days, I basically had McDonald’s at lunch every day, because we were so busy I couldn’t be bothered to look at menus.”

She continued, “I know people say it’s all bad for you, but I don’t think it is. It’s not much worse than a lot of other stuff out there. And I balance it by having a really good dinner. I’ve always enjoyed McDonald’s.”

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