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UPS Guy Hilariously Tried To Hide Woman’s Package From Her Husband


UPS Guy Hilariously Tried To Hide Woman’s Package From Her Husband

Deserves an ‘A’ for the effort!

If you have ever struggled with hiding an online purchase under the carpet, you might be needing to take a cue from this hilarious UPS staff.

When the UPS worker delivered a package to a woman’s door, an attempt to hide the delivery went really viral.

There are many of us that can’t do without ordering things online daily

Tag it as an addition, but it’s entirely so much and quite easy to add things to one’s cart, click the purchase button and wait for the arrival of the packages on one’s doorstep.

A woman from Texas even purchase a funny doormat by expressing her passion for online shopping

Etsy | FranklinandFigg

Ebony Freeman, who purchased the hilarious doormat, reading ‘Please hide packages from my husband,’ said in an interview with Good Morning America revealed her husband doesn’t mind her shopping.

Nevertheless, a particular UPS worker hilarious agreed with the doormat’s request

Facebook | Ebony Freeman

‘Oh my god, take a look! The UPS guy actually hid this under the rug.’ Ebony wrote in a Facebook post which showed a huge rug sticking out from under the doormat.

‘I sincerely wished we had the video of the delivery to see the UPS worker hiding the package.’ Ebony added.

However, Ebony’s post went viral with many social media users praising the worker’s sense of humor

Some commented saying they are in need of one of the doormats for their home

The UPS worker deserves an A for the effort

Garnering over 10,000 comments on Facebook, many other commenters said they related to Ebony’s hilarious photo.

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