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18 Times People Order Online And Disappointed Hilariously


18 Times People Order Online And Disappointed Hilariously

Better luck next time!

I have been there and certainly you must have experienced the same. You see something adorable online, got wowed by its cost-effective price and boom, you got something entirely far-below your expectations.

From footwear that arrives in too small sizes to items that appears nothing like what’s seen in the pictures, the disparity between reality and expectation can be really wild.

We at Greenlemon has taken a look at some of the most hilarious online products that disappointed their buyer. While we sympathize with victims of this situation, we hope you avoid it next time.

Just because a product is tagged with an expensive price tag, doesn’t mean it’s entirely good. So beware!

#1 ‘Wanted Joining The Trend: The Box At Delivery Got Me Really Wondering’

© jodezmizery / reddit  

#2 The Description Seen Said, It Could Take Up To 20Ibs. I Bought The Bag For My Pet Who Is 15Ibs. How Come?

© AristonD / reddit  

#3 Each Set Of The Skullcandy Wink’d Floral Is Obviously Unique. Are You Seeing What Am…..

© becksadoodles / reddit  

#4 ‘Check Out The Turquoise Ring I Ordered From eBay’ So Depressing!

© Tgregs / reddit  

#5 She Innocently Wants To Look Like Jasmine!

© naughty-otter / reddit  

#6 You Don’t Need To Ask What The Problem Is. Her Face Tells The Story!

© Elf5180 / imgur  

#7 Got This! An Ordered Blanket Online.

© DanaSchwartzzz / twitter  

#8 ‘I Am Happy It Can Be Returned Without Payment!

© bomacca / imgur  

#9 Hope You Enjoy Your Sun Protecting Device!

© LunaMystic625 / reddit  

#10 ‘Mom Got A Swing Set On Amazon. She Was Like This Cost $17 While The Other Cost $22

© unknown author / imgur  

#11 ‘My Tears Were Uncontrollable! It Was Ordered For My Birthday.’

© GallacticCactus / reddit  

#12 ‘After A One Time Laundry, This Is What I Got Vs What I Saw Online.

© suplexcitybih / reddit  

#13 Not Useless! My Dog Now Has A New Toy.

© _Sarcasmic_ / reddit  

#14 ‘I Never Ordered This! Why Me!

© Rubilax5 / reddit  

#15 This Bear Apparently Has A Good Beginning, But A Sad Ending.

© xkvmy / reddit  

#16 Never! Never! Never!! Buy Veneers Without Seeing Them In Reality.

© TheSoulOfTheRose / reddit  

#17 ‘Ordered For A Sneaker Off eBay, And Indeed Got This Instead.’

© katellandia / twitter  

#18 ‘What I Ordered For $450 And Here’s The Aftermath! So Disappointing!

© Fightswithcrows / reddit  

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