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Tyler Perry Sent His Personal Plane To Deliver Supplies And Aids To The Bahamas


Tyler Perry Sent His Personal Plane To Deliver Supplies And Aids To The Bahamas

They need every help they can get.

Terry Perry has mentioned about going to the Bahamas to helped and has recently sent his private jet to send help and aid to the Abaco.

Hurricane Dorian landed on Abaco as a Category 5 storm, quickly sending everything in its path to destruction. Houses, cars, ships were torn into pieces and hundreds of people loss their important family members.

It goes without saying that all kinds of help are so needed, but even landing a plane is hard with all the land covered in debris from the aftermath. Everyone needed not only the basic necessities, but also the mental support to keep them going and fighting.

Following the live update on CNN, there are currently 378,735 people out of power in Nova Scotia.

And that’s where Tyler Perry stepped in to play his part in helping others.

The plane is also bringing people back.

According to TMZ, Tyler’s plane has brought back 7 passengers which included a pregnant woman, children and people who required better medical attention.

Hurricane Dorian has brought much horror and even for those who are not in its path of destruction remained wary as they put their precious belonging in a safe place and keep their pets indoor. It has also sparked a series of mocking memes on President Trump who has used a fake map edited with a sharpie.

However, 17 hours ago Dorian is no longer a hurricane, but remains a dangerous natural phenomenon to be wary off. Death toll has risen to 43 and is still expected to soar much higher.

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