Two Women Got Hospitalized After Using A Vacuum To End Period Early

Two Women Got Hospitalized After Using A Vacuum To End Period Early

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A menstrual period can be quite horrible, but it’s still something every young lady would’ve to cope with. Every month, Women bleed, and it can play with moods during the week of occurrence.

Accordingly, periods can result in massive cramps, pain that get one stuck on the bed throughout the day. There are even scenarios where a lady might have to skip lectures, works, and perhaps pass out from menstrual pain.

However, two women from Seattle decided they had had enough of the menstrual pain and agreed to find a solution.

They both don’t want to be weighed down with periods any longer, so they reached an agreement to rely heavily on Menstrual Extraction. Specifically, a nurse shared the aftermaths of these two.

A nurse from Seattle tweeted this:

Certainly, it popped up a lot of questions.

At first, when did such a trend begin? In case you are not aware, a DIY article had popped up a suggestion that women can terminate their period in just 20 minutes. You can flush out all of that stinky blood in 20 minutes and still be very much alive.

Can this be the ‘savior’ to periods?

Furthermore, the article also suggested that women should have full ownership of their body which indirectly tells women that they should use a vacuum cleaner that is totally harmless.

Hmm! Sweetheart, you won’t just be flushing out blood with the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner, but will also result in shock as it will pull your vaginal walls,  and uterus, causing unexpected damages to them. You can also pass away from the process and might not be able to even have sexual intercourse for a long time – the practice of celibacy in a harder way!

Nevertheless, the two women earlier introduced went into shock and landed in the hospital. The nurse acknowledged they were just too lucky not to have died.

So, be warned!