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Women Are Getting More Impressed By Dad Bods, University Study Reveals


Women Are Getting More Impressed By Dad Bods, University Study Reveals

Short hair was labeled the most desirable qualities women want in a man.

If you are among the individuals that would prefer hitting the bar than a gym, this news can make you smile all day. It, however, appears that women actually find men with bods more attractive than those with toned physiques.

This is not to say that individuals that are muscle bond and taking proper care of their physique are a bad one, just that some research has discovered that it is not all about be-all and end-all for a larger fraction of women.

Let us explain to you better!

Some brilliant scientists at the University of Gottingen In Germany partnered with a women’s health app known as Clue. They asked about the kind of features they would love to see in their men.

And after asking for the opinions of about 68,000 women, they realized that men’s personality was more appreciated than their looks.


This is, however, a lucky study for those individuals that can’t be asked to spend every working/walking minutes in a gym to burn out calories.

Tanja Gerlach, the leader of the group, explained: “What people want in a partner has fascinated researchers and laypeople alike for decades. The Clue Ideal Partner Survey is unique in that woman from all over the world – across various sexual orientations and life phases – gave us rich insight into what matters most to them.

“This allows us to draw a very differentiated picture of women’s preferences for long-term, and short-term relationships.” He added.

When these women were also questioned about ideal physical features, 45 percent of the women revealed they like men with an average body type as compared to about 35 percent that prefers the athletic physique.

Being kind and generous is key since it transpires. Almost 90 percent of women valued kindness and generosity.


And when asked about the qualities they like, some uttered lovely smiles, nice eyes, muscular arms, big hands. Short hair was labeled the most desirable qualities they want in a man.

Not forgetting the washboard abs! Just a few individual rating 2.5 percent of women agreed they would like their man to have an extremely muscular physique. Some were equally pleased to announce that their ideal long term spouse should have an average-sized penis! Awwww!

And when all the votes and opinions got were gathered, almost half of the women prefer men who look about an average.

Which do you prefer? The Dad bod guy or the muscular physique?

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