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Two-Colored Body Dachshund Goes Viral For Looking Like A Half Dalmatian


Two-Colored Body Dachshund Goes Viral For Looking Like A Half Dalmatian

Moo’s uniqueness is the distinct color of his head and face.

This very dachshund might just be the most adorable dog ever seen on Planet Earth, donning white and black spots as well as a dark brown head.

Let’s introduce you to Moo!

Moo, a dachshund with spots of a little cow is going all viral on Instagram, with over 13K followers and still counting. Moo is just 7months-old and undeniably, he has one of the most unique coasts. 

Adorable dachshund Named Moo has won a host of fans, a big thanks to his unique fur, a black-and-white body, which made him appear like a Dalmatian

His adorable coats, due to his piebald fur, which witnessed unpigmented, white spots on a pigmented background got Moo a Dalmatian-like appearance with piebald all over his body, precisely below his head.

Florida Based, Victoria Hoffman, 24, acknowledged that Moo’s two-tone coats, including separately lined markings on his head and body, made her pet a special breed.

‘As a result of his heavy ticking, black spots on his white coat as well as a pure black and tan head, Moo’s a special piebald. Specifically, his body doesn’t match up with his head and lots of people believe he’s wearing a coat or perhaps a Pajamas.’ Victoria, who works for a skincare beauty company explained.

She added: ‘They’re usually surprised to find out its Moo’s natural coat. In turn, he gets lots of reactions on both social media and in reality. People actually love his hilarious personality and coat. Similarly, he loves to hoard his toys, almonds and watermelon are his most cherished treats. Moo also loves taking naps on his back, especially under his bed.’

Nevertheless, Moo is evidently a special dog who has been a blessing for his owners amid the pandemic lockdown. And just like many people, Victoria and her partner got a dog because they both felt they could be home for puppy training, and of course, if it wasn’t for the pandemic, they wouldn’t have been able to achieve the aforesaid.

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