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15 Dog Breeds Are The Most Loyal Of Them All


15 Dog Breeds Are The Most Loyal Of Them All

The best companion you can ever ask for.

Animals have been recognized to show loyalty to the people that care about them. Although certain animals tend to… switch sides to the nicest ones, dogs are particularly loyal. It appears that dogs’ brain quickly associates our scents with positive emotions.

You’ve probably heard of the story of ‘Hachiko’, a Japanese Akita breed who loyally continued to wait his owner for 9 years 10 months at the train station where his owner would usually return to. What other breeds are just as loyal?

1. Akita

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The Japanese Akita deserves the top list of any loyal dog breed due to Hachiko’s touching story. These profoundly loyal dogs are devoted to the owner and family they serve.

2. Golden Retrievers

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These dogs are just goofballs – the American Kennel Club calls these adorable Goldens as the most popular breed due to their cleverness and ‘fiercely loyal’ attitude.

3. German Shepherd


These dogs often appear scary to the kids due to their fierce demeanor and common portrayal and use in the law enforcement field. They are some of the most intelligent and fierce fighter dogs, but more importantly than that, they are loyal.

4. Beagle

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These dogs are curious and some owners can definitely attest that they forgot they aren’t cats! Beagles are loving, caring and can be such a goofball. They aren’t aggressive, but they can be very defensive when situation needs them to and are truly loyal breeds.

5. Collie

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When it comes to Collies, most people can remember the story of Lassie. She’s a fictional character, but to be able to be featured in a movie tells a lot about their cleverness. The AKC, however, can proudly says that this clever breed is also ‘stuff of legends’ for their gracefulness and loyalty.

6. Boxer

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They are fierce fighters and were bred to be hunters. But more than that, they are just inherently full of energy and ready to play with your and your kids all day long (talking about the perfect carer!). But the most amazing stories come from boxers who have fought against dangers for their owners and family.

7. St. Bernard

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They can be really huge and scary to small children, but once you get to know them, they are such a big softie. St. Bernards are charming, soft and a popular breed for rescue dogs. They are also loyal breeds that won’t give you up for anything!

8. Great Pyrenees

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Ah, what a majestic breed. their soft, thick fur, beautiful face and elite personalities will make you wonder if they are the right dog. But Great Pyreness will astonish you with their loyalty as they were bred as herding dogs. Most of these dogs are typically loyal as they need to listen to their owners and inherently have the quality to be a protector.

9. Labrador Retriever

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Some people think they are too plain. But once you spend time to know them, you will be drowning in so much love, kisses and drools. This breed is known for its intelligent as well as the quality to play with kids. They are so loyal that they are willing to go to the end of the world with you or spend the weekend just sitting on the couch with you while watching Netflix.

10. Doberman

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Dobermans spell the best security and caregiver in a single word. They are huge and often portrayed as fierce, but they are just these balls of energies that need a lot of time playing (keeping the kids occupied with something that is not gadget-related?). They are bred as war dogs due to their high level of alertness, making them especially great guard dogs.

11. Dachshund

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Yes, yes, you are the cutest dog in the world. Dachshunds are curious (just look at those eyes!) and bright creatures. These wiener dogs are also known to be devoted and very attached to their families.

12. Irish Wolfhound

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Don’t let that size scare you. These gentle giants never really know how big they are in terms of both size and love. They are very calm and quiet creatures which hides just how much love and affection they are willing to give to you.

13. Rottweiler

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Have you ever looked into the eyes of your Rottweiler and feels so enchanted? Well, try that and you will be able to see just how much of a playful breed they are. They are also loyal breeds that are easy to train.

14. Chinese Shar-Pei

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Shar-Peis may look like they will cling a lot to you, but these dogs are very independent. More than that, they are trustworthy and listens well to their owners.

15. Chihuahua

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Loud, that is probably the first thing many people think of Chihuahua, but that’s because they never consider themselves as small. These purse dogs may look like they are independent, but they are actually very attached and will follow you to the end of the world.

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