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Twitter To Limit Replies From Users To Increase Usage Experience


Twitter To Limit Replies From Users To Increase Usage Experience

In order to combat cyberbullying.

Twitter is a great place to share thoughts, update status or just random things. Dive deep and some people understand that it’s a great place to find social acceptance as people give their likes, comments good things and share your tweets. But it can also serve as a virtual suicide when Twitter disagrees with your thoughts.

It has been an amazing platform that lets people around the world meet International users and relevant content. It has even helped many people gain confidence, find friends (or even loved ones!) and share beautiful things.

But with the freedom of speech and responsibility, it’s really easy to incite debates and arguments that involve hundreds of users.

This has led to many parties heavily encouraging social media platforms to work on building a healthier society. Twitter Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey has said he will do so since 2018 and tweeted, “We want to help people feel safe participating in the conversation on Twitter by giving them more control over the conversations they start.”

Last year, the company has experimented with the feature to limit replies to a user’s content to prevent abusive comments. During the annual CES tech conference, the company reveals four different settings for replies: Global (everyone), Group (followed or mentioned), Panel (mentioned), and Statement (no replies).

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