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This Man Becomes ‘Twitter King’ After His Tornado Drinking Style Went Viral


This Man Becomes ‘Twitter King’ After His Tornado Drinking Style Went Viral

He’s damn good at this one thing.

If you have a Chinese mother or grandma who’s the type to hold her phone like it’s an antique object, she most probably have seen this video. Yes, she may not be well-versed in using social media, but she definitely knows how to open Whatsapp and receive those viral videos from her fellow aunties.

You may have seen men chuck down half a bottle of beer and others maybe have tornado drunk other drinks (I don’t know what, but definitely not a bottle of beer). This Chinese man defies all rationality and showed that yes, you can tornado style a whole bottle of lager.

Hebei Pangzai is a 34-year-old man of sensation way before this when he uploaded his videos on Chinese SNS. An American fan appears to have reuploaded his video on Twitter which quickly goes viral (again). The man whose real name is Liu Shichao opens the bottle’s cap with a knife in such style and immediately chucked it down tornado style.


This isn’t his only remarkable feat – his Twitter page is literally flooded with his videos of drinking tens of bottles of beers in one go. Sometimes, he adds coke and lemonade, a real monster.


His fans are obviously excited and entertained with his videos with some showing concerns for his health. Long live the King!


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