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Travel Trends To Ditch In 2024

Travel Trends To Ditch In 2024

Ditch these travel trends, and get ready to explore the world in a whole new way.

Forget packing your itinerary to sprint between landmarks like a caffeinated cheetah. 2023’s travel trends are fading, replaced by slowing down and savoring. This year, it’s all about ditching the outdated travel trends that leave you feeling frazzled, so wanderlust warriors, gather around as we delve into the travel trends you can skip in 2024.

Skiplagging is one of the travel trends you should skip in 2024.

Travel Trends To Ditch In 2024
Travel Trends To Ditch In 2024

Outsmarting airlines with that “hidden city” trick was once a badge of honor, but now it’s earning you side-eye from the travel authorities. Airlines are onto your sneaky stopovers, and the consequences—bans, status revocations, and sky-high charges can turn your budget hack into a budget bummer. So, unless you fancy tangoing with the airline police, skip travel trends of skip-lagging and embrace transparent travel.

Cashing Out? Cash Into Digital

Do you remember leaving a wad of bills under the pillow for the housekeeper? Well, the pandemic ushered in a cashless revolution, and hotels are dancing to the beat. Digital tipping platforms are popping up like daisies after a spring rain, offering QR codes and gratuities. This simplifies life for everyone and helps hotels attract and retain the best staff (who deserve every digital penny!). So, ditch the dusty bills and embrace the tap-and-tip life.

Travel Trends To Ditch In 2024
Travel Trends To Ditch In 2024

Itinerary Overload

Have you ever returned from a whirlwind trip feeling like you needed a vacation from your vacation? Yeah, we’ve all been there. But 2024 is the year of the “great recharge,” and travelers are craving experiences over exhaustion. Imagine yourself lounging on a hammock in Bali, listening to the ocean serenade you instead of listening to museum audio guides. Or, savor a slow-cooked Tuscan feast instead of rushing between monuments. This year, quality trumps quantity. Ditch the jam-packed itinerary and embrace the art of slow travel.

Overloved Destinations

Travel Trends To Ditch In 2024
Travel Trends To Ditch In 2024

Cities like Venice are imposing visitor taxes, while Bali charges an entrance fee to safeguard their cultural treasures and natural wonders. Travelers are also waking up to the downsides of overtourism, opting for lesser-known gems and deeper cultural immersion. So, instead of jostling for the perfect Santorini shot, explore the serene Greek islands of Milos or Sifnos. You might just discover your hidden paradise. So, there you have it, nomads of the world! These four travel trends should get the boot in 2024.


What are some alternative ways to save money on flights besides skip-lagging?

Be flexible with your travel dates and destinations, consider flying on weekdays or during off-peak seasons, and compare prices across airlines and booking platforms.

How can I ensure my tips reach the housekeeping staff?

Use the hotel’s digital tipping platform, ask the front desk about the preferred method, or simply leave a handwritten note with your gratuity.

Where can I find inspiration for slow travel experiences?

Check out travel blogs and websites that focus on local experiences, cultural immersion, and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

What are some lesser-known destinations that are worth exploring in 2024?

Consider places like Georgia (the country, not the state!), Albania, Montenegro, Slovenia, or the Azores. These destinations offer stunning landscapes, rich history, and a warm welcome from the locals.

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