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Tom Hanks’ Reactions To Some Nicest Tweets Won Thousands Of Hearts


Tom Hanks’ Reactions To Some Nicest Tweets Won Thousands Of Hearts

Certainly, what the world needs at the moment!

A video of Tom Hanks reading some nice tweets is certainly what you need to relieve stress. Shared by Twitter Movies as a promotion for Hanks’ role as a legendary icon of Kindness – Mr. Rogers in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, the footage features Hanks narrating adorable moments of goodwill posted by Twitter Users.

And as expected, Hanks has nothing, but nice things to say about all of them. While it can be fun listening to Jimmy Kimmel’s harsh tweets series in which celebrities read insults directed at them, the Hanks’ series was emotional and his earnestness will definitely give you the warm fuzzies as well.

Some of the nicest posts on Twitter were narrated by Tom Hanks




In an interview with the New York Times in November, Hanks’ had focused on real-life good deeds and philosophy of kindness. His article expectedly drew reactions in which a lot of individuals shared their own stories of encounters with the actor.

Looking for Tom Hanks on Twitter will bring about tweets of his gratitude and respect towards journalists and film staff he has worked with as well as his willingness to assist complete strangers. Perhaps, Hank’s next project should be a recording daily audio clip of motivational messages to encourage ourselves when looking in the mirror.

Here’s What People Thought About The Wonderful Video:

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