Titans Actor Ethan Suplee Stuns Fans With Ripped Body After Hitting The Gym

Titans Actor Ethan Suplee Stuns Fans With Ripped Body After Hitting The Gym

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Actor Ethan Suplee has astonished the world with his incredible transformation from an obese high school football player in the 2000 film Remember the Titans to a hugely muscular body fit for a Greek god.

Ethan starred as Randy on My Name is Earl alongside Jason Lee

But two decades later, Ethan looks completely unrecognizable, having lost most of his body fat and bulked up instead at the gym much to the delight of his social media fans

Ethan has since lost quite a bit of weight and put on a ton of muscle
The muscleman regularly posts On Instagram pictures of himself lifting weights at the gym

The 43-year-old actor earned success in the ’90s and early ’00s for roles as bully flunky Frankie Stechino in Boy Meets World, lovable dimwit Randy Hickey in My Name Is Earl and new teammate Louie Lastik in Remember the Titans.

Ethan had been rather large when he started out in Hollywood

Ethan had been rather large when he started out in Hollywood, but the look contributed to him nabbing quite a few roles, including in 1995’s Mallrats.

But not long after appearing in My Name is Earl from 2005 to 2009, he began losing weight — and by the time he appeared on the red carpet to promote the film Unstoppable in 2010, he had become unstoppable himself. Shedding over 200lbs of excess weight. 

He played the school bully’s sensitive flunky, Frankie Stechino On Boy Meets World
Ethan has also acted in several Kevin Smith films

‘After My Name Is Earl, I started obsessively riding bicycles,’ he told the media in 2017. ‘I actually did get properly thin at one point — I was nine percent body fat. But I was also riding a bicycle six to eight hours a day, six days.

 ‘After two years of that, my wife said, “Hey, idiot, you can’t retire and ride bicycles. You have to go get a job.'”

The actor’s body has transformed over the last two years, 
the actor in 2018, after hitting the gym to bulk up his body

When he tried looking for work again, he had trouble booking gigs since film directors couldn’t recognize him.

He then put back on some weight — and started bulking up.  

On January 9, Redditors noticed his transformation on Instagram and were shocked by how different he looks. 

After My Name Is Earl came to an end in 2009, the actor slim down after dropping over 200 lbs

‘Doesn’t even look like the same guy!’ wrote one. ‘Holy f***in s***. I loved his dopey a** in “my name is earl” [and] he looks like he liquefied randy into a protein shake and chugs it before working out for 6 hrs a day,’ wrote another.

‘I cannot get over Ethan Suplee’s transformation,’ a Twitter user chimed in.

‘Bro if this man can get into shape after literally making a career out of being a fat guy for 2 decades anyone can get into shape at any time,’ wrote another.

He has since put some of the weight back on, but much of it is the muscle
 Ethan discusses his ‘journey from obese to svelte’ to muscular on the podcast American Glutton

Ethan, who has a well-flourishing beard, now posts regular photos of himself lifting at the gym, as well as motivational quotes.

He also discusses his ‘journey from obese to svelte’ too muscular on his podcast, American Glutton.