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TikTok’s Viral ‘Pink Sauce’ Trend Leaves Internet Baffled


TikTok’s Viral ‘Pink Sauce’ Trend Leaves Internet Baffled

The product is now in “lab testing” but thousands have been sold.

TikTok is the heaven of content by the people for the people. Users consume content at an incredible rate on the platform, and that is why creators who had no presence can turn into an internet sensation overnight. Which was what happened with Chef Pii, the queen of Pink Sauce.

The “ranch” went viral because of its eye-catching shade of pink as Carly Pii doused KFC, tacos, and even shrimps in the mysterious sauce.

pink sauce controversy 3
TikTok's Viral 'Pink Sauce' Trend Leaves Internet Baffled 17

But if you’ve been on the ride since the beginning, you would’ve known how people have been commenting under the videos to prepare for “lawyering.” The mysterious concoction has become a disaster – in more of a literal sense for her customers – as the internet began to scrutinize the ingredients and safety of consuming the product.

Pii has insisted that the ingredients are “edible and natural” and priced it at $20 for each bottle.

Some users had labeled the sauce as “revolting,” but it didn’t stop others from trying as the color tickled their fancy.

But right now, the criticisms are getting to her as she shared, “The negative narrative is becoming a bit much.”

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TikTok's Viral 'Pink Sauce' Trend Leaves Internet Baffled 18

Pii spoke with Buzzfeed, “I feel like Madonna or Beyoncé just tripped onstage, and I woke up with their phone in my hand. I’m good, though. Only the strong survive.”

The controversy has continued on Twitter, where people constantly had something bad to say about the product.

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And some had even come with reviews of their own bought bottles of the ranch that arrived “rotten.”

@r8ch3ll #pinksaucereview @PINK SAUCE QUEEN 👑💖🤤 ♬ original sound – Kaylen🤭

Some users have also roasted people who were being “supporters” of the private chef’s small business. Demetrius Fields hilariously hollered, “Yo, if you got food poisoning from that pink sauce, that’s what you get for being supportive.”

“You really saw a woman making bubblegum buttermilk ranch in her kitchen in a Minja blender, and you was like, ‘Yep, now’s the time to support small businesses, I’ll take three.’ Not me! I saw it.”

“And I was like, ‘F**k her dreams.’ And that’s why I’m alive, and you’re in the ER.”

Pii reckoned that going viral with so much expectations had got her moving too fast without “the chance to let it unfold.”But Pii plans to forge on with her Pink Sauce business.

@chef.pii #fyp #healthadepopit #KFC #pinksauce ♬ original sound – PINK SAUCE QUEEN 👑💖🤤

In her most recent update regarding the controversies, Pii apologized profusely and added, “This is a small business that is moving really fast. We are following FDA standards, however. We are currently in lab testing. … I’m a passionate person, but I’m listening to y’all.”

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