This Seemingly Modest $159,900 House Surprised People With How Weird The Interior Gets

This Seemingly Modest $159,900 House Surprised People With How Weird The Interior Gets

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Some of us dream of a dream house that we want to buy one day. Others work their whole life to build one and turn what looks like just another house into theirs. Like, really theirs, down to every furniture and details.

Twitter user frazierapproves decided to share this… unique listing of a home. They say that what you do with your home is the embodiment of your personality. What this family did with theirs is truly remarkable.

We begin with a very modest look into a quite big property.

The interior is really out of this world.

We meant it quite literally.

Now, we’re all asking the same question.

It appears that the listed home has been sold at $152,500 and is described as a ‘fun & adventure’ home. It was a ranch converted into a 2-story home and ‘time travels’ you from the 13th century living room to a 25th century starship dining room.


We’ve got more pictures into the interior of the house from Zillow.

The home has 13th century living room from the front door (that appears to be inactive for most of the time) and connected to the spaceship room. On the second floor, they have all three bedrooms here, each with their own theme. One is a tropical island, one is a 70’s hippie crash pad, a real steal for $150,000.

Alien greets you every meal.

The kitchen is probably the most normal part of this home, except for the hatch.

The tiny details that really entertain people in this seemingly old picture.


People are absolutely interested.


What’s more amazing is that we now also know who the owner was!