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This Portable Bidet Is A Perfect Solution When You Run Out Of Toilet Paper


This Portable Bidet Is A Perfect Solution When You Run Out Of Toilet Paper

Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world, yet!

All these people who are hoarding toilet papers at the supermarket are making great materials for memes. Who would’ve known that 2020 is going, begin with, none other than the pandemic that made people bulk-buy toilet papers as if they’re preparing to spend months indoor, sitting on their toilet for the whole day?

Because of them, too, multiple people have suffered from not being able to get their hands on basic needs. Some people work shifts that don’t allow them to be there when the truck that delivers supplies arrive. Public places are also running out of toilet papers.

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But worry not, for when you can’t get toilet papers, you can always use a bidet!

But not everyone has a bidet at their home, do they? It does sound like a privilege system to have, but not everyone can enjoy it. But guess what – bidet is not hard to make. This is how people should toilet in 2020, wherever you are.

In case you don’t have the time nor the accuracy to get the materials and make one, they are available for purchase in 450ml and 600ml size. The bottles are made of EVA bottles, connected with an ABS nozzle, angled for accuracy.

This hand-bidet is very easy to use. After filling the bottle with water, press the airlock with your finger when turning the bottle upside down. Press the bottle to spray the water when cleaning.

Some other features of the bottle are the durable construction and simple usage. Honestly, this should be in our list of ‘things to carry during apocalypse’. A bottle that sprays where you need it to and light enough to be carried around, who would have thought it’d be the best invention ever?

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