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This Pit Bull Got Her Own Maternity Photoshoot And She Looked Absolutely Radiant


This Pit Bull Got Her Own Maternity Photoshoot And She Looked Absolutely Radiant

Check out the proud mama of eight!

In the first week of September, a cute Pit Bull was discovered wandering on the streets. Rescuers saw she needed assistance, after realizing that the dog was heavily pregnant.

The Animal Control officer took her off the streets and tried investigating where Pickles –the dog had come from.

While the officer’s effort was positive, pickles owners acknowledged she wasn’t needed anymore.

More info: Pits And Giggles Rescue | Enchanted Hills Photography

 A 2-Year-old pregnant pit bull was seen wandering on the street alone!

Enchanted Hills Photography

Pickles was heavily pregnant and it appeared she needed more assistance than what the shelter could offer. Fortunately, she was picked by Pits and Giggles Rescue – a non-profit organization. Her belly was so huge that it made it difficult for her to move around. Pickles couldn’t help it, but jump all over the place when she met her new rescuers.

Pickles owners decide she was no longer needed

Pits And Giggles Rescue

So rescuers took her in

Enchanted Hills Photography

Just when Pickles arrived at the rescue center, a photographer behind Enchanted Hills Photography and Volunteers at the Pits and Giggles Rescue knew the pit bull was pregnant and bound to have a maternity photoshoot. The results were impossibly gorgeous!

Lauren Casteen Skyes, a photographer agreed to take mama pickles a maternity shoot

Enchanted Hills Photography

Every individual that saw the pictures was amazed at Pickles’ modeling skills, most especially as she appeared like a true diva.

Good News! Soon after the first photoshoot, Mama pickles became a mother-of-eight

Enchanted Hills Photography

Mama Pickles gave birth to eight beautiful female puppies. And when taking a second shot, she appeared like a proud mama, standing next to her cute newborns.

Mama Pickles and her eight cute newborns

Enchanted Hills Photography
Enchanted Hills Photography

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Adorable Photoshoot:

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