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This Baby Zebra Was Born With Rare Spots Instead Of Stripes


This Baby Zebra Was Born With Rare Spots Instead Of Stripes

Apparently rare!

What’s more amazing than a Giraffe?

Definitely, a Zebra! And what’s more adorable than a Zebra! Certainly a baby Zebra! Yes, a baby Zebra has been seen with spots rather than stripes.

A unique polka dot on a baby Zebra was seen in Kenya and the internet is crazily in love with it. The baby Zebra has captured the heart of many to including we at Greenlemon.

However, Photographers have captured pictures of a polka-dotted Zebra in Kenya

Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association

Seen in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, photographers Anthony Tira and Rahul Sachdev snapped some images of the Zebra.

Wildlife Specialist, Permale Lemein from the Matira Bush Camp told Daily Nation, that it would be the first time such case of a polka dot Zebra is experienced at the Mara Reserve.

The baby Zebra might have Melanism – the opposite of albinism. Accordingly, reports revealed that no similar zebras have survived for 9 months with such condition.

Photos of the baby Zebra did go viral


Some scientists have explained that Zebra’s stripes form when there’s a reserve in the melanin production, implying that the animal is likely to have black with white stripes and not the contrary. Reacting, the Live sciences have, however, justify the white stripes on Zebra.

It argued that stripes assist the animals in staying cool in the African Heat. While there are theories that have also said the stripes help Zebras hide away from potential predators, it’s also used to avoid getting bitten by flies.

Zebra With Rare Polka Dot Seen In Kenya

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