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This King Penguin In Japan Loved Going To The Fish Market And Buys Fish On His Own


This King Penguin In Japan Loved Going To The Fish Market And Buys Fish On His Own


Penguins are adorable, but when one is asked about taking one in as a pet, most people shy away from the option. These majestic creatures typically leaves in the arctic and requires cold temperature to live well. But in Japan, a family was given the chance to take care of one and this King penguin absolutely loved his new life.

You may have seen this one the news before as it was so rare back in the 90s. TV stations around the world were trying to get a hold of the family and recording this adorable penguin. Here’s Greenlemon on reliving those adorable moments.

This is Lala the King penguin which loves sardines and mackerels.

During when this documentary was made 23 years ago, Lala was about 14 years old. King penguins live up to 30 years old and he is considered a middle-aged penguin.

The King penguin was rescued after he was caught on a fishing net. The family agreed to take him in and nursed him back to health. After recovering, the penguin was so attached to the family that they decided to keep him.

Lala loves the market and keeps going back by himself. Because of that, the family made him a small Pingu backpack that he carries around.

Sadly, Lala has passed away.

Lala enjoys his walks and the neighborhood was definitely amused by this.

This lady from the fish store would feed him fish and let him bring home more.

Here’s the cute footage of Lala on his daily trip to the fish store!

People love him!

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