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30 Incredible Animal Facts That Will Make You Love Them More


30 Incredible Animal Facts That Will Make You Love Them More


The best think about YouTube that makes lives better isn’t the monetary gain or free loop of songs. It’s the cat videos that will make any bad day better. And just like that, Green Lemon knows that if you’ve been feeling under the weather, these adorable facts about animals will uplift your spirit.

The animal kingdom is always full of surprises as these animals seem to be capable of more than what we thought. Here are the top 30 facts about these animals you will definitely love!

1. Cat nudges us with their heads as a way to greet cats because they think we are one. Even though, we are bipedal.


2. Tigers’ populations are rising!

David Salter

3. When a baby elephant is born, other mothers in the same group will celebrate its arrival by trumpeting!

Eric Kilby

4. Why do dogs sneeze? They do this while fighting to show they are just playing and don’t wanna hurt you.

lillie kate

5. Sea otters hold hands while sleeping so they don’t drift.

Márcio Cabral de Moura

6. Cows have their own bestfriend which allows them to feel calmer and happier.

Neil Williamson

7. Dogs probably dream about their owners!

Bev Sykes

8. A sea otter keeps a pebble they consider to be juvenile in their pocket under the armpit for life.

Mike Beltzner

9. An abandoned minefield on Falkland Islands have been keeping poachers out, meanwhile the penguins are too small to set them off. So, they’re protected!

Ronald Woan

10. These tiny harvest mice sleeps in flowers!

Sue Cro

11. Pandas are not longer endangered species.


12. Dogs know when their owners come home based on the strength of their owners’ smell in the house.

Derek Bruff

13. After drinking nectar, bees get sleepy and naps on flowers.


14. Dolphin mothers sing for their babies that are still in the womb.

Tom Dennis Radetzki

15. Dog tails in movies are often CGI-ed because they wag their tails too much. They know how much of a good boy they’ve been!


16. Ravens recognize faces and can make friends.


17. Your dog loves you more than the food and walks you’ve been giving.

Aaron Gaines

18. Bees go ‘whoop!’ when they bump into each other.

19. Squirrels adopt orphaned baby squirrels!


20. Goats and cows can have accents.

Steve Bates

21. Sometimes, you’ll see tiny spiders wearing hats made out of water droplets.

Kyle Ezdaman

22. Penguins mate for life, so they spend a lot of time finding a beautiful pebble to propose.

David Stanley

23. Dolphins get high when they’re poked with puffer fish’s poisonous spikes. So, they play with it.

24. Tigers can’t purr, so they leave themselves vulnerable by closing their eyes and ‘chuff’.

25. Cows babysit the young in turns when moms have to graze far away.

Martin Brázdil

26. Penguins can be ticklish.

27. Squirrels bury their food, but they often forget where. They planted hundreds of trees every year accidentally this way.

Kevin Arscott

28. Octopuses collect stones and shiny things that they arrange on the sand to create gardens. “Shiny~”

Andrew Wilkinson

29. Baby elephants have to learn to control their trunks for quite some time.

30. Red Pandas curl on their fluffy tails and use them as blankets when sleeping.

Mark Dumont

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