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This Creepy Life-sized Doll Shows What Office Workers Might Look Like In 20 Years


This Creepy Life-sized Doll Shows What Office Workers Might Look Like In 20 Years

Time to workout.

Working in the office is the job setting for many as that’s what’s mostly available these days. It’s pretty convenient as you can get everything done from your desk, but it also means you’re mostly confined to that small space. Sitting for hours, staring into bluelight screen without much movements is pretty dangerous.

Green Lemon found this life size doll called Emma. Emma was made to show how office workers who work for 20 years can look like – protruding stomach, red eyes, and hunched backs all seem too familiar to hear. But when you look at one worst case scenario, it can really hit you how serious this is.

Horrible seating position and sedentary lifestyle can lead to several physical problems.

She has varicose veins as her blood flow which is not as good as it should be if she had maintain exercises. Her hunched back is permanent due to her horrible sitting posture.

The red eyes are caused by long hours of staring into computer screens without resting.

The Work Colleague of the Future was commissioned for this study by Fellowes, an office equipment company. A total of 3,003 participants took part in the survey, 1,001 from each country in France, Germany and the UK. It shows that 90% of those who have work-related health issues perform worse in their job.

The author of the study, William Higham, a behavioral expert commented,

“Unless we make radical changes to our working lives, such as moving more, addressing our posture at our desks, taking regular walking breaks or considering improving our work station set up, our offices are going to make us very sick.”

Approximate half of the UK workers in the survey were already suffering either sore eyes, backs or headaches from working on their desk for a prolonged time. The lot of them were mostly worried about vision problems, weight gain migraines.

Stephen Bowden who contributes to the report is also an ergonomics expert. He commented, “Over time, sitting at a desk all day is going to have profound effect on office workers’ health, both physically and psychologically.

“Steps should be taken to ensure normal everyday movements become part of the job,” he added. “One way to get people moving and reducing the time they sit for is consider more ergonomic furniture in the workplace, such as sit stand desks.”

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