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Thief Breaks Into Home And Mowed The Front And Back Lawn


Thief Breaks Into Home And Mowed The Front And Back Lawn

Looks like he made sure he paid for it, in his own way.

A thief was caught on camera trespassing and stealing a lawnmower from a house in Texas. The homeowner wasn’t able to make head or tails for the reason of his action, but the suspicious man was reported to the Port Arthur Police Department.

He’s described as an “unknown person cutting grass” before fleeing the scene with the lawnmower.

The man has been identified as Marcus Renard Hubbard and was wearing a black hoodie, a pair of black pants, and white sneakers.

He just walked into the property and went to the backyard to move over some objects, such as the bike, to get the lawnmower out. Then he took out the gas tank and filled it. The open patio did not take his attention at all; he went straight to the front yard to mow the grass.

While he worked, he saw one of the picket fences on the way and moved it. He continued mowing.

The man took off with the lawnmower and then left it in an alley when the police chased him.

Now he’s a wanted man and will be charged with burglary and felony when found. Hubbard faces a fine of up to $10,000 and maybe jailed for up to 20 years if found guilty. His action had gained the favor of many who really needed that extra hand.

“I’d like to give this suspect my address please…” wrote one viewer hilariously.

Another joked, “Aww, maybe he’s just paying back for stealing.”

Well, the lawnmower didn’t really get stolen, and the homeowner got a free mowing service. So it probably wasn’t that bad?

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