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The Sisters Who Nailed ‘Hocus-Pocus’ Cosplay Returns As ‘Grease’!


The Sisters Who Nailed ‘Hocus-Pocus’ Cosplay Returns As ‘Grease’!

These girls are going places.

These sisters from Texas are back to rock the country and social media with their look. The older twin, Alli, and Maddi Grabenstein are 9 while the youngest, Landri Grabenstein, is 7. They dressed up in 50s fashion, posed and acted like they are from that time.

Their theme is women from 1978 like the ‘Grease’ movie, captured by Heather Rust herself who owns Tiny Hearts Imagery. And they nailed it again for this year’s Halloween.

Youngest Landri dressed as Rizzon, leader of ‘Pink Ladies’. The twin, Alli, and Maddi, dressed as Sandy and Frenchie the school dropout respectively.

Just like last year, the inspiration to what the girls wear this year came from what their favorite movie or show was that year. Speaking to GMA, their mother reveals that the girls were so into the songs from ‘Grease’.

“I recorded it and we watched it, and watched it. It’s so funny how much they get into playing their characters. Landri said, ‘Mommy, we need to watch it again because I’ve got to get the sass down.”

Some of you probably remembered these girls from the ones who nailed ‘Hocus-Pocus’.

Yes, these girls actually dressed as the Sanderson sisters based on the classic theatrical show from 1993. Last year marked the 25th anniversary of the show, making it a great year to dress like them on Halloween.

Landri who was 6 became Kathy Najimy‘s Mary.

Maddi played Bette Midler who portrayed Winifred.

While Alli nailed that witch look of Sarah Jessica Parker who played Sarah out of the three sisters.

And here are the sisters without their makeup. Still lovely and we’re just amazed at how much sass these girls have.

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