These Sunflower Skulls Are Perfect For Haunting Halloween

These Sunflower Skulls Are Perfect For Haunting Halloween

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Beejay Oslon loves to create his own props and seems to be always excited for Halloween. At least, the way he’s always uploading something unhappy and creepy on his Instagram is making everyone thinks so. Needless to say, we all know his favorite holiday every year.

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One of his best creation that he started working on since last year is the skull-sunflowers. How sick is that!

And these sunflowers are not alone… they have their own small garden to thrive in. Look at how this skeleton seems to be inviting you.

That was still a WIP. He added webs to make it look really creepy and old.

“And it begins…”

That’s not all. He also worked on his own graveyard and paints a lot of tombstones.

He also did a really good carving on this pumpkin.

And did this scary painting of Sam, the spirit of Halloween!