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The Moment Fitness Model Hits Back At A Guy Who ‘Creeped’ On Her At The Gym


The Moment Fitness Model Hits Back At A Guy Who ‘Creeped’ On Her At The Gym

Stare back and make them uncomfortable.

Makayla Anisa noticed she was being stared at when lifting weights at the gym. At the time, she was filming her workout and indeed caught the moment on camera. The Canadian refused to be intimidated and made eye contact with the gawping stranger and glared at him.

A creepy stranger looked at fitness model Makayla Anisa unpleasantly while working out at the gym.

“I just have to say if you’re at the gym and some creep won’t stop staring – just stare back and make them uncomfortable.” The 23-Year-Old said on TikTok as she explained the incident. She added: “Absolutely no one will be ruining my workouts thank you,” with hashtags #Do better and #Gym Tips.

When she noticed the look while filming her workout, Anisa gave the stranger a taste of his own medicine.

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makaylaanisa via TikTok

She was exercising weights when a gym creep allegedly admired her from a distance.

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makaylaanisa via TikTok

So far, Anisa’s TikTok video has garnered over 1.7million likes on TikTok, and as seen in the comments, most people related to the incident. One person wrote: “I go to an all-girl gym for this reason. Sad we even have to think about this.” Another said: “This is exactly what I do!”

@makaylaanisa absolutely no one will be ruining my workouts thank you #dobetter #gymtips Praise God – Kanye West

The 23-year-old opted to gaze back at the stranger staring down at her.

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makaylaanisa via TikTok

“Just stare back and make them uncomfortable,” Anisa urged people who might experience a similar scene.

makaylaanisa via TikTok

A third confessed: “My daughter came home in tears because a group of creeps were staring and whistling at her at the gym. Dad will be going with her next time.” While a fourth stated: “I love doing this, I find screaming WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT to work quite well too.” This isn’t the first and possibly not the last time a gym creep will be exposed online.

Apart from Anisa, several women have been taking to TikTok to voice their concerns about ‘creepy men.’

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