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Teacher Turned OnlyF_ns Star Has No Plan To Go Back To School Despite ‘Explicit Content’ Ban


Teacher Turned OnlyF_ns Star Has No Plan To Go Back To School Despite ‘Explicit Content’ Ban

Earns $20,000 and $100,000 a month.

“Is there any capacity that I would go back to teaching?” This was the question Courtney Tillia asked herself as she joined the OnlyFans. And to this, the ex-teacher has claimed there’s zero percent chance that she would ever go back to teaching children. 

Tillia quit her teaching job for OnlyFans because she was struggling financially amid feeling unappreciated.

Speaking to TMZ, Tillia revealed she earns a six-figure salary, between $20,000 and $100,000 a month from the platform. However, the news that OnlyFans will prohibit posting any content containing sexually explicit conduct seems to get Tillia concerned. 

Since launching her OnlyFans page, Tillia now earns a six-figure salary.

She said: “With OnlyFans’ new statement about banning pornography, I am concerned it is going to have an impact on me, it is going to have an impact on my income, my business. The extent of that, though, is unsure because what they’re saying is so unclear. It’s vague.”

The money made from the platform has allowed her to buy a house and travel extensively.

Tillia added: “So we’re not sure to what extent are [they] banning it – is it just that we can’t sell it on our main page is just one thing that I’ve heard, is it that it has to be a PPV, or is it completely gone to the extent that is account is gone, our following is gone? 

Tillia, now a model and life coach, is among the creators caught off guard by OnlyFans’ prohibition.

Teacher Turned OnlyF_ns Star Has No Plan To Go Back To School Despite 'Explicit Content' Ban
courtneytillia via Instagram

Tillia pointed out that things creators have built and established for years are just going to be gone on October 1st, which leaves them one month to figure out what they’re going to do. She continued that it’s because of the OnlyFans she has been able to live a luxurious lifestyle. While teaching, Tillia said she was tight for money, but with OnlyFans, she’s been able to do great things. 

From October, OnlyFans will prohibit any ‘unsolicited and non-consensual sexually explicit content.

“I do have a coaching business as well, which is thriving, so I don’t solely rely on only fans, but it is a huge source of my income. So there’s been many things that we’ve been able to expand and do, including travel, got new cars, moved. A lot of different things have given us that income, including giving back to the community.”

She says of the ban announcement: “It’s shocking, very sudden and “vague.”

It will be recalled that OnlyFans announced the Porn ban to ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform and to importantly, continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans. The press release had undeniably sent shocking waves through the OnlyFans creator community. But in the meantime, its fingers crossed till October 1st. 

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