Teacher Posts Screenshots To Show What Parents They Get To Deal With, And Its Go Viral

Teacher Posts Screenshots To Show What Parents They Get To Deal With, And Its Go Viral

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Long gone are the days when parents would first check on how their children’s studies are going before the teachers’ teaching method when it comes to their grades. Academic scores are not the teacher’s sole responsibility to deal with – parents, especially the students themselves, are very much involved.

Remote learning due to the pandemic has been very inconvenient for both teachers and students. Teachers are given more work, and a lot of students are still struggling with technological issues. On top of trying to teach the kids without being there in person, teachers are finding it hard to give each attention.

The last thing a hardworking teacher wants to see is a text message that reads, “Do as I ask.” Ma’am, teachers, don’t work and teach based on how you want them to do.

This teacher shared her exchanges with a failing student’s entitled parent.


Let us begin with we can totally agree with the first sentence of the text message this mom sent. The school system was never amazing at doing its job, but it has been completely failing since the pandemic. Remote learning is totally not working and putting stress on both teachers and students.

“I get home and see my child is failing. This is ridiculous,” wrote the mom before asking for an explanation from the poor teacher.

Surprise, surprise. It turns out that this teacher has tried on many occasions to get in contact with mom.


Should we be surprised that the ‘working parent’ only cared about her daughter after seeing her failing grades? That she ‘shouldn’t have to be teachers’ and it’s everyone else but her job to keep an eye on the girl? We all know this is a pandemic situation and the teacher literally cannot be there to wake up a sleeping student.

But what’s even more surprising here is to see her reacting negatively when her husband was contacted instead. She was unreachable, her daughter was not paying attention in class, and here you are complaining about her failing after eight times ignoring calls and messages.


The teacher further explains that there are 54 students in a class and she literally cannot be calling every single parent whose kids did not attend. Isn’t it supposed to be the parent’s job to make sure their kid’s logged on the class? Literally takes a few seconds to go over to your child’s screen to check on them.

We are very proud of how professional Ms. Jackson has been towards such entitled parents.


Several people commented that the mom was indeed insane. One wrote, “This is why I quit teaching. You bust your **s to do something good with crappy pay, and this is the thanks you get. I’ll pass.”

Another teacher wrote, “God damn, I’m trying to breathe and focus on the students.”

Legislative analysis on children in Mexico reported, “As many as four in five New Mexico public school students are failing at least one class in some of the state’s school districts.” While a lot of people think remote learning can perhaps keep your child’s education in top shape, it appears that they are “missing out on four months to a year’s worth of education,” even with this system.

In New York, only 39% of parents think that online classes are working and should be based on a survey of 800 parents. But teachers are trying their best during these times, too. One teacher shared a video of her crying and talking about how the school system needs to be more flexible instead of pushing even more assignments and tasks for students.