10 Hilarious Kids Who Are Obviously Struggling With Remote Learning

10 Kids Who Are Hilariously Struggling With Remote Learning

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Social distancing is not easy for some kids when they really want to play with friends. All of a sudden, they can only stare at a screen, forced to learn without interacting much with others. Some kids get so bored in classes and some just look really plain depressed about life in general. There are some who try to cope with the situation and the effort is really 20/20.

In short, these kids on their online classes are real moods of 2020 and there can never be a better way to depict what lockdown has been like for all of us.

The teacher texted me to wake her up.


We sleep during in-person class. Remote learning has made that so much more easier in the comfort of our own chair, our bed just next to us.

He just wants to get out of here.


Looks like plague doctor mask during 2020 zoom class is the most befitting outfit ever.


This 2nd grader on her 43-minute in Zoom class.


This is our second day of virtual learning.


The way this boy is so calm throughout this ridiculous situation is commendable. We strive to be as calm as this boy throughout this whole pandemic situation.



Ah, how we long to be children who can sound their opinions innocently with no one getting mad at them.

Parents made the room educational. But he just wasn’t into it.


Some can’t stop their pets from being basically indecent all the time!

Cats interrupting zoom calls have always been welcomed, fortunately. Nobody hates cats, especially the ones that lovingly show their bum on screen and caresses us with their tails as they walk around. It is the only redeeming thing about zoom calls – surprise cat appearance.

Reasonable things to expect from a 5-year-old, huh.

Pretty obvious that a lot of children were not naturally born ready to type emails or even know what emails are. We’re grateful that they are able to sit for hours in front of a computer screen listening to people yapping away.

This kid hates it already.


Nothing can really compare to teaching children in person. Simply looking at them through the screen, unless you’re in a Dora costume, they’ll probably get so boring when you constantly talk about lessons. Not to mention they can’t actually talk to their friends without everyone basically trying to talk at the same time.