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Teacher Doesn’t Want To Lie, So He Taught The Untold History Of Columbus, And It’s Went Viral


Teacher Doesn’t Want To Lie, So He Taught The Untold History Of Columbus, And It’s Went Viral

The untold truth about who Columbus is.

Knowledge is power, but unfortunately, knowledge has also become a weapon for irresponsible adults to brainwash the children. Covering the truth about slavery and horrible treatment towards indigenous people, the USA celebrates Columbus Day.

A teacher from Cold Spring Elementary in Potomac, Maryland, tweeted about his class. Nathanael Madden is a true teacher down to the core – he strives to never lie to his students, even if they are 4th grader and can seem too young to understand the hard subject.

This is Nathanael Madden, the teacher who showed the untold dark history of Columbus to his 4th-grade class.

Nathanael Madden or, Nate, has long wondered why is the one country who’s hailed equality is also one where acts of racial injustice and police brutality rage. In his quest of finding answers, he decided to dig into history, and when he finally hits Columbus, he knew he may have come on one of the reasons why.

He told the untold history of the man who was celebrated as a hero to his students in 4th grade. He taught that Columbus was also a slave trader, murdered and colonizer, all based on the diary Columbus wrote himself.


Some of his students responded to the horrible genocide Columbus ignited.

Without a doubt, we can all agree that school is the place where we gain many knowledge and even common sense of things. School is where we learn about the basic of life, our rights as well as history of people who have fight for rights, knowledge and freedom.

Columbus Day is celebrated every year on the 14th of October for Christopher Columbus’ arrival to America on October 12, 1492. It is also a national holiday in Spain, Italy and various Little Italys around the world.

Nate ended it with a proud tweet that we can all agree with.

The story that was often told and even imagined by books and adults were than Columbus was a great man who was ‘happy to have met indigenous men of the land. But in truth, Columbus was a slave trader who plans to make the people work for him to mine gold.

After that, students were invited to make posters in celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day which falls on the same day as Columbus Day.

Nathanael Madden

Madden also agrees that while the common people agree with exposing the truth of history, it’s not always the case in the eyes of the people who purposely bury it. Yet, much of the country is not happy for this according to Nate. The story of Columbus has long been about a heroic explorer who found America and was happy about meeting locals.

These posters were made and plastered all over the schools also to encourage people to change the way this day should have been celebrated.

Nathanael Madden

While both national holidays fall on the same date, Columbus Day is celebrated in half the states of the US, while Indigenous People’s Day is only observed in three: New Mexico, Maine, and South Dakota.

Nate believes that he is not the first nor will he be the last person who tells the truth. He has worked hard and made sure that his students know the truth of history and that acts of racial injustice are something that has started a long time ago.

Through this, may our future generation learn from the mistakes of the past and let their sense of justice take over along with empathy that is enforced with the truth of the past.

Nathanael Madden

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