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Taylor Swift Became ‘The Man’ In Her New Music Video And She Had A Lot Of Things To Say


Taylor Swift Became ‘The Man’ In Her New Music Video And She Had A Lot Of Things To Say

These are stories we all know well about.

Taylor Swift went through hours of makeup to transform into a man and in the newest music video, she had a lot of chance to diss people without actually saying any words. From poking fun Leonardo DiCaprio’s choice of partner to Serena Williams’ ‘freaking out’, she was about to set things straight.

The 30-year-old also finally had her chance to direct the music video solo and had references to her run-ins with Kanye West and Scooter Braun.

She showed incredible transformation in the music video.

This was a nod at DiCaprio, as she sung, ‘I’d be just like Leo, in Saint-Tropez.’

But this is just… WOW.

Who would have known that we need a male Taylor Swift and be served it hard and cold like this? Some people even missed the fact that they’ve been looking at Taylor throughout the whole video and was wondering what she wasn’t there.

This scene just feels so familiar… yeah, it’s mimicking DiCaprio from ‘Wolf of Wall Street’.

And here’s him on a date with model girlfriend Camila Morrone, 22.

Everyone, congratulate them on their marriage.

Taylor also shot a scene where the man had an outburst while playing at the game’s umpire, not forgetting to add that it’s for women’s charity. He was allowed to keep playing, like how John McEnroe was allowed to when he had a similar outburst back in 1981 at Wimbledon.

But that is not the same for Serena Williams as she was blamed for being frustrated and accusing the umpire a ‘thief’.

At the end, the man was voice by Dwayne Johnson and asked what director Taylor had in mind about the last scene.

She definitely still remembers that moment because she said, “Maybe try to be sexier, more likable” and then proceeds to praise a female co-star and praising her ‘excellent work’ to be ‘astonishing’.

People were obviously entertained by this new music video.

This scene reminds us of when West’s controversial music video had a Swift lookalike, had to be mosaic here, in bed with him and other women.

More references to his home.

This obviously did not escape people’s attention.

And then, this man was hailed as the greatest dad just for doing the bare minimum.

Unfortunately, this scene is too familiar in our eyes.

She did not forget to include her feud with Scooter Braun as a ‘missing’ sign that could refer to her songs, next to a ‘No scooter’ sign.

She did not forget to include the names of all her major albums and songs on the wall from 1989, Red, Speak Now to Reputation.

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