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Student Reaches Top 0.4% On Only-Fans By Letting Subscribers Control Her Life


Student Reaches Top 0.4% On Only-Fans By Letting Subscribers Control Her Life

“I let my fans control my whole life.”

A woman who allows her subscribers to make her life decisions has reached the top 0.4% of OnlyFans content creators. They would decide from simple things like what to have for lunch to whether she should quit her internship or not.

Laurie is a student from France who entered the platform and promised a “concept never seen before” to her subscribers.

Over the months, she proved her words by letting her fans control her life, from the smallest decisions to important things like her relationship and even her career. And so far, she’s made pretty radical changes to her life, like quitting her internship and breaking up with her partner. On a daily basis, she’s had her fans tell her what to have for lunch.

Laurie would post her polls on Telegram, and anyone could vote for her. She also lets her subscribers submit their polls. On top of that, she answers her subscribers personally.

Laurie has a few principles, though. She doesn’t accept polls that could harm others or herself or force her to be hateful.

She admitted that she’s finding it hard to trust people. She shared, “My crush even blocked me when he found out I was on Onlyfans. I didn’t know who I could trust anymore…”

Through her account, the 23-year-old Parisian who still lives with her parents aimed to create a positive environment with her subscribers. While her way of doing things might not sit well with others, she doesn’t mind and wishes to only focus on making her subscribers happy.

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