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Sobbing Kim Consoled By Kanye West Over Unreleased S*x Tape Fears


Sobbing Kim Consoled By Kanye West Over Unreleased S*x Tape Fears

“It’s embarrassing for that to be out there, but it’s not the most scandalous thing.”

Kim Kardashian might be sure 99% sure there are no other videos from her infamous s*x tape that could be leaked, but then the 1% chance had left the 41-Year-Old afraid her ex-BF Ray J could have filmed content when she was sleeping. Both Kim and Ray J’s s*x tape was filmed in 2002 but was leaked in February 2007, when the KUWTK started production. 

At the time, Kim sued Vivid Entertainment, the company that distributed the tape but eventually dropped the lawsuit and received a reported $5million settlement.

Vivid Entertainment

This incident has yet again emerged, and as seen in the debut episode of rebooted series The Kardashians, the SKIMs Founder, who was with sisters Kourtney and Khloe and mother Kris, was seen crying as she received threats from Ray J’s manager that more s*x tape clips were set to be leaked just days after her son Saint, 6, had seen an advert about it. 

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She called her now-estranged husband Kanye West in tears and discussed the best action plan, especially as their son had been exposed to the advert. 

“It’s not OK though, it’s not. On Roblox, Saint was on Roblox yesterday and a f**king thing popped up and he started laughing and it was a picture of my cry face,” Kim sobbed as she spoke with Kanye.

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She attested it was a game someone made of Roblox, and it had said Kim’s new S*x when it’s clicked. Kim thanked God her son couldn’t read yet and insisted it was over her dead body this sh*t would happen to her again. The mom-of-four claimed she wanted the video gone, and had her son been a little older and had been able to read; she would have been mortified.

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Kim revealed Kanye calmed her down, telling her she has the power and nothing will cancel her, adding he had told her to stop worrying about the public perception as she knows who she is. 

Power Lawyer Marty singer had been heard telling Kim via a phone call: “Our legal rights are she can sue anyone who releases the tape if it even exists. They have no legal right to release the tape without her consent.” 

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And going confessional, Kim had stated: “For 20 years this has been held over my head, of this mistake or is it a mistake? This was my boyfriend of years. We go on a trip; we film a video. It’s embarrassing for that to be out there, but it’s not the most scandalous thing, and I’m not going to be made to feel this way. I’m just human. I am 99% sure there’s no new footage but the fact these people keep saying they have a tape. What if I was f**king sleeping and he stuck a dildo up my a**? I don’t know.”

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She then warned Marty to scare the s**t out of Ray J’s Manager, vowing to sue because the message is more important than dollars, and she’s protecting herself for her children’s sake. 

Sister Khloe attempted to lighten up the mood by joking; she hoped Kim would wake up from that and noted that as the family had to deal with Kim’s s*x tape in the first episode of their reality series, it was a good omen that they’d come full circle. A fired-up Kim eventually told Marty to draft something to take the video down immediately and that she had all the time, all the money, and all the resources to burn them all to the ground. 

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