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Snoop Dogg Laughed At Kanye West’s New Fashion Slides And Dubbed It ‘Jail Slippers’


Snoop Dogg Laughed At Kanye West’s New Fashion Slides And Dubbed It ‘Jail Slippers’

$2 Slippers for $500, What the hell!!!

When it comes to matters of taste, there can be no disputes, a famous saying said. That, however, doesn’t go down well when it comes to fashion choices and food preferences.

Surely, there are always some individuals who ignore these kinds of rules of kindness and dive through criticizing someone else’s taste and choices. Here’s an example: Rapper Snoop Dogg, who couldn’t keep calm recently went against Kanye West fashion sense regarding his upcoming slippers.

Being a supportive wife,  Kim Kardashian shared Kanye’s new line of slides on her Instagram

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Kim Kardashian

It surely makes sense that Kanye and Kim West’s Kids would be the first who would get to do the honor of trying out their dad’s new line of Yeezy slippers for children.

Sharing the new slides on Instagram, Kim shared cure photos of their children trying the slippers on and even asked their mom to give the new slides to their other siblings as well.

But while their kids seemed happy with the new slippers, not everyone else was pleased

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Kim Kardashian

Unaware that the excitement would shortly be clouded after Kim’s Instagram stories trended, Famous Rapper Snoop Dogg spotted the shared post on The Shade Room Profile and revealed they resemble a jail slipper.

And insisted their siblings try the slippers on for the video as well

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Kim Kardashian

Snoop Dogg’s reaction garnered over 21,000 likes, appearing people agreed with his deductions. Well, actor Milan Christopher equally expressed his dissatisfaction and said: ‘This man bout to sell to you all $2 Prison Slippers for $500? He captioned his comment with a crying of laughter and an infuriated face emoji.

It’s apparently not everyone’s cup of tea as Rapper Snoop Dogg compared them to Jail Slippers

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Internet Users Agreed With Him

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