Size 16 Woman Lashes Out At Major Fashion Brands After Struggling To Find Anything That Fit Her

Size 16 Woman Lashes Out At Major Fashion Brands After Struggling To Find Anything That Fit Her

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Ash, a size 16 woman, lashes out on TikTok after spending a whole day trying to shop for clothes. She came home empty-handed because none of them fit in.

“High street shops are the king of the pretenders FYI… I’m a UK size 16/18!!! None of your clothes FIT!” she complained.

She slams fast-fashion brands from Zara, River Island, H&M, Primark, and Mango.

In a fit of anger, she begs them to just “admit they hate fat people.” She began her story, “I went shopping yesterday and do you know what I bought? Not a thing.”

“Let me tell you why. Zara, River Island, H&M, Primark, Mango – you’re all p*ssing me off.”

“You’re all getting on my last f*cking nerve, and let me tell you why. Stop pretending that you’re inclusive and just with your big chests say that you hate fat girls.”


“I’m sick of going into Zara and picking up an XXL, an XXL, an extra-large, and it is the same size as one of my arms. One of my arms!”

“What am I supposed to do, buy 15 black satin dresses to find one outfit?”

“Sew them all together to get enough material? You’re getting on my nerves!” she showed her arm, unable to comprehend why none of the XXL could fit on her.

“And Fat Face… don’t even get me started on Fat Face.”

“How dare you call your shop Fat Face but nobody with a fat face can shop in there.”

Her TikTok video has gone viral with more than 1.7 million views. So many felt her pain as the video had more than 250k likes.

@ashandchelslifestories High street shops are king of the pretenders FYI…I’m a uk size 16/18!!! None of your clothes FIT! #riverisland #mango #h&m #primark #zara #fatface original sound – Ash&ChelsLifeStories

One girl shares her personal experience, “What I hate is everything cropped or skin-tight! Like I’m not comfy with either of those as a curvy gal, and it’s so hard to find a nice, normal top!”

Another shared her experience with New Look, “I’ve noticed after going into New Look 5 times that I could barely find a size over a 14!! It’s not possible they sell out every time.”

“It’s why most of my clothes are M&S… only thing that fits me from Zara is perfume,” wrote another.

One wrote that they agree on everything except for H&M, to which Ash explains her frustration, “H&M jeans are a joke! I am a size 16/18… H&M, I have to buy a size 22, and they’re tight!”